New Action at the UFT Executive Board 2010 – 2011



Part I  2010 – 2011

September 2010

New Action receives reports of U-ratings for ATRs. Questions how many them.
New Action calls for a contract update
New Action asks for report on “rubber rooms”
New Action introduces resolution to Support President Obama’s Plan to End the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthiest 2%
New Action initiates support for March on Washington on October 2, 2010

October 2010

New Action calls for report on special education reorganization
New Action calls for support for ATRs when agreement expires November 2010
New Action calls for a report on UFT endorsed charter schools
Bipartisan Social and Economic Justice Committee passes rent control resolution
New Action mobilizes for demonstration against Principal Bost at the Theodore Roosevelt Campus in the Bronx

November 2010

New Action speaks in favor of Resolution Promoting Diversity in  Teaching Force

December 2010

New Action challenges Bloomberg dictate/guidelines on granting tenure
Bipartisan Social and Economic Justice Committee gets resolution passed  on Reducing the Environmental Footprint. Calls for an end to plastic bottles at UFT and for recycling bins.

February 2011

New Action exposes SESIS as a “nightmare.” Calls for help for our members
New Action asks for follow-up of Diversity resolution passed in January
New Action is credited at UFT Exec. Bd. For bringing Wisconsin resolution  to the union.
New Action brings resolution in Support of Fired Puerto Rican Leadership.

March 2011

New Action initiates resolution in Support of Puerto Rican Teachers Federation Leadership
New Action calls on UFT to support the April 9 anti-war demonstration
New Action successfully calls on union to notify all Chapter Leaders and  Delegates to participate in the Commemoration of the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

April 2011

New Action warns that any new teacher evaluation system must have a fair appeals process, unlike the one currently in existence
New Action initiates and passes resolution to designate May 1, 2011 as Holocaust Remembrance Day

June 2011

New Action supports No-layoff agreement which saves 4,400 jobs

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