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Central Falls petition against mass firing

Go here:  Central Falls Kids Deserve to sign their petition.

Sign Our Petition

Firing Teachers instead of Helping Kids? The Students, Teachers and Community of Central Falls Deserve Better

Teachers and staff at Central Falls High School are making real progress in improving academics and raising test scores. They are invested in their students and their community. And while they recognize there is still much work to be done, they want nothing more than to stay hard at work and continue the momentum.

Yet, District Superintendent Frances Gallo wants to fire the entire teaching faculty. The superintendent has chosen to just blame the teachers, rather than give them what they need – stability and support – to keep the progress going, and kids succeeding.

Sign below to show that you stand with the Central Falls High School community, students and teachers in calling on Superintendent Gallo to do what is right – work with the teachers to build on the improvements that students are showing at Central Falls High School.

To visit their website, click:  Central Falls Kids Deserve Better .com


March 4 NY – part of the national day of action to defend education

March 4th Actions

Rally at Gov. Paterson’s Office, 4 pm

(633 Third Ave. @ 41st St.)

Then March to the MTA Hearings at FIT

(Seventh Ave. @ 27th St.)

  • Stop the school closings and privatization of public education
  • Stop the cuts to K-12 and higher education
  • Restore the free student MetroCard
  • Full funding for all educational needs
  • Education is a right – Free, high-quality education for all

New Action/UFT election petitions filed

New Action filed petitions last Thursday to qualify for the ballot in the upcoming UFT elections.

New Action is running a full slate. The New Action slate includes officers, and Exec Board for each division: high school, middle school, elementary school, and functional. There are also Exec Board at large, and additionally NYSUT and AFT delegates.

New Action cross-endorsed current president Michael Mulgrew. Also, Unity and New Action each are cross endorsing each others’ 3 high school division Exec Board candidates. And Unity cross-endorsed 5 New Action at large Exec Board candidates.

New Action holds 8 of the 89 seats on the current Exec Board.

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Content of signed articles and comments represents the opinions of their authors. The views expressed in signed articles are not necessarily the views of New Action/UFT.
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