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UFT suit against school closings successful

The UFT suit blocking Chancellor Klein’s 19 school closings next year received a favorable decision today. The judge ruled that the PEP votes were null and void, and that the DoE could not close Jamaica, Columbus, Robeson, Norman Thomas, New Day, Metropolitan, SCRL, MABL, Beach Channel, Maxwell, and 9 other schools.

Teachers have reason to applaud the decision. It is a victory for the teachers and students in those schools. It is a victory for the thousands who attended CEC meetings, PEP meetings, and rallies and demonstrations. It is a victory for the neighborhoods. It is a victory for all of us.

But it is only a first step. The DoE may appeal, or may try again next year. Our suit won because Klein violated his own procedures. Next year may be tougher.

Let’s savor the victory over this break, but let’s return ready to think about how to continue the struggle into next year.


ICE’s Dark, Hidden Secret

New Action has a record of accomplishment.

ICE has a track record that they don’t want you to know about! From July 2004 through June 2007 ICE was on the UFT Executive Board. ICE has kept this fact a secret and out of their literature because in the three years that they were in a leadership position they produced an abysmal record—in reality a record of failure.
They were an embarrassment and actually hurt the members.

If you look at New Action’s and Unity’s campaign literature for Election 2010, you will see both caucuses flaunt their accomplishments urging you to support them. ICE panders for your support but makes it seem as if they were new to UFT politics.

Today ICE claims that they will fight for “job rights for ATRs.” How many motions did they make at the UFT Executive Board from 2004 to 2007 to fight for ATRs? ZERO!

Today ICE claims that they will fight for an “end school closings.” How many motions did they make at the UFT Executive Board from 2004 to 2007 to stop school closings? ZERO!

Today ICE claims that they will fight to “Restore and strengthen the right to grieve unfair and inaccurate letters and observations.” How many motions did they make at the UFT Executive Board from 2004 to 2007 to restore those rights? ZERO!

Today ICE claims that they will fight to “end the longer day,” “end harassment,” “reduce class size,” “hold the line on health care costs,” “improve pensions,” “win parity for paras and secretaries,” etc. How many motions did they make from 2004 to 2007 to address these issues? ZERO! ZERO! ZERO! ZERO! ZERO! ZERO!

Today ICE would have you think that “they have been there on all fronts- supporting teachers, joining with parents, building a movement to fight for public education.” Just the opposite has been true. When given the chance to provide leadership ICE did nothing. They refused to participate in the process of making conditions better for UFT members.

Don’t waste your vote on an “opposition” caucus that has produced nothing for the members except empty promises. Don’t waste you’re your vote on a caucus that refuses to acknowledge its own leadership failures. Don’t vote for a repeat of 2004 to 2007

During the period that New Action served on the UFT Executive Board, we have introduced over 16 resolutions to benefit members and introduced numerous positive action proposals that have been implemented and are now UFT policy!


PO BOX  180574, NO. RICHMOND HILL, NY 11418


  • New Action is the oldest and most responsible opposition caucus in the UFT. We recognize that there is a crisis for our members brought on by the corporate takeover of education. For years New Action has been organizing and mobilizing the membership to fight and win benefits for UFT members
  • New Action is the only independent UFT caucus that has supported and opposed leadership policies. How a policy impacts the members determines New Action support or opposition. The membership is best served when there is constructive criticism and open debate.

VOTE the entire New Action SLATE!

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