As the hyper-contagious and vaccine-resistant Omicron variant overtakes Delta as the dominant strain in New York City, COVID-19 is poised to spread in our schools like never before. In response, our union leadership is offering up the Mayors’ promise for extra testing, more staff in the situation

Today on television, UFT President Michael Mulgrew made a statement about COVID in our schools. Why did it take him so long to come forward? In the last five days alone there were over 3,000 cases of infection in the schools. In just one day -on December 16 there were a total of 571 confirmed c

Yesterday, New Action chapter leaders and delegates (along with our other friends from United for Change) showed up at the DA ready to ask questions about COVID-safety and motivate a resolution about healthcare (among other things). We weren’t given the chance to speak there, so see our literature