New Action Member Speaks out on COVID Safety

If you read OSHA’s mission statement you will discover that this governmental agency was set up to ensure the workplace is safe for all. While doing my research it was not clear whether or not our unsafe schools (in case you forgot, Covid is rampant in our schools) was covered by OSHA. However, I came to learn New York State operates an OSHA-approved state plan “covering only state and local government workers.” I would love to know why the  Union leadership (that is you, Mr. Mulgrew), and your staff of attorneys isn’t filing a complaint to close schools. The pandemic is raging. School staff and students are getting sick and are at great peril. As the numbers rise exponentially, where is the Union to protect staff? Rome is burning, Mr. Mulgrew. Spend a little less time with the movers and shakers of NYC  politics and more time instructing your attorneys to file a complaint with the NY State OSHA approved agency.

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    Michael Shulman

    Just say Mulgrew on TV talking about the explosion of infection cases in the schools. Guess he finally is hearing about this. Much to late but better late than never. Schools should have bee closed this week!

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