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Now is the Time to Vote New Action!

New Action is the only UFT caucus that supports the leadership when they are right and opposes them when they are wrong!

New Action believes that Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein are the UFT’s main enemy. We work in a bipartisan way to achieve the best for UFT members.

New Action has a long record of achievement. Eight New Action members have been working on the UFT Executive Board. Our efforts on behalf of the members include:


  • was the first caucus to call for a moratorium on school closings.
  • was the only caucus that endorsed Bill Thompson and urged the UFT leadership to also endorse. This failure was a huge mistake.
  • led the battle to develop an Action Plan to change the behavior or remove abusive administrators.
  • opposed Mayoral control of education and was the first to call for the firing of Chancellor Klein
  • the first caucus to call for an end to the war in Iraq and led the fight to make this UFT policy.
  • convinced the UFT to form three new committees: Action, Organizing and Social and Economic Justice. They meet regularly and are all co-chaired by New Action leaders.
  • was the first caucus to call on the union to investigate the drop in minority hiring over the past several years.
  • has six members on the Negotiating Committee

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