New Action…part of the solution!

New Action… we’re not Unity…

  • Unity failed to endorse Bill Thompson for Mayor.
  • Unity supported mayoral control of education.
  • Unity has failed to unionize charter schools.
  • Unity has failed to challenge hundreds of abusive administrators.
  • Unity failed to create a membership that is involved, militant, and committed.
  • Unity is often slow in reacting and addressing the burning issues in today’s schools.

New Action… we’re not ICE…

  • ICE criticizes everything the UFT does. They oppose all leadership initiatives automatically, in a knee-jerk manner.
  • ICE refuses to unite in the struggle against the UFT’s real enemies — Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein.
  • In three years as members of the UFT Executive Board (2004-2007), they failed the membership, introducing only three resolutions.
  • ICE’s attacks on opponents are often scurrilous, undignified, and personal.

we’re New Action… part of the solution!

  • New Action is the oldest and most responsible opposition caucus in the UFT. We recognize that there is a crisis for our members brought on by the corporate takeover of education. For years New Action has been organizing and mobilizing the membership to fight and win benefits for UFT members
  • New Action is the only independent UFT caucus that has supported and opposed leadership policies. How a policy impacts the members determines New Action support or opposition. The membership is best served when there is constructive criticism and open debate.
  • New Action believes that the membership wants a united UFT to make the best fight to combat the assault at the city and national levels on teacher unions.
  • New Action endorses the election of Mike Mulgrew as UFT President.

New Action will continue to meet with Mulgrew to support our demands for a more effective and productive union.


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