UFT Executive Board Minutes 4/15/2024

Note: Thanks to Ed Calamia and Mike Shulman for taking notes, which were used to type up these minutes.

Sill opens the meeting – Mulgrew is in Albany.

Open Mic:

Speaker 1: union supported me putting together programs for students when principal didn’t.

Speaker 2: Dental plan (dentist dropped; then next dentist ‘no longer in network.’ My current dentist has a dirty office and a minimal exam schedule. Dental hasn’t been updated since 2016.

Sill: no details of any real budget deal.

Staff director report: MayDA à May 22. Spring conference coming up. Labor seder on Thursday in Brooklyn office. Open market, but schools not ready yet. Ch. 683, summer school opens Thursday. Bonus to be paid 5/1.

Question Period:

Ronnie Almonte: welfare fund – our investment was 200 million a few years ago, now 600 m, but benefits haven’t increased. I’ve had the same experience as the open mic speaker.

Joe Usatch: I will investigate.

Edward Calamia: which entity is responsible for overseeing the TRS election and can we as the UFT ask or press the DOE to put in the princpals weekly about the election.

T Brown: DOE counting petitions still. DOE responsible for conducting. We will get info from DOE about the process.

District Reports:

Janella Hinds: Speaks on UFT pedal pushers (peleton).

District 26: happy hour, discussed tier 6 and class size

Ronnie Almonte: school librarian event and mingle event

Rashad Brown: 2024 Aids walk 5/19/24

Joe Usatch: shanker scholarship graduates have been accepted, thanks selection committee.

Dave Kazansky: climate/environmental justice. Went to climate museum Friday evening. Weekend Javits center climate reality project h grove.


Nick Bacon is a co-chairperson at New Action Caucus. He is also an elected member of the UFT executive board

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