Will the UFT Fight for Paras to Have a Living Wage? UFT Executive Board Summary, Analysis, and Informal Minutes, 3/18/24


  • There was one special order of business today, a resolution in support of paraprofessionals seeking a living wage and better working conditions. I motivated it, and it was signed by all 7 members of the HS Executive Board + Mike Schirtzer, but it was written by two paraprofessionals and a special education teacher: Migda Rodriguez (2nd Vice-Chair of the UFT Paraprofessional Chapter), Marie Wausnock, and Daniel Alicea, respectively. The resolution originally was meant to promote understanding of two pieces of legislation meant to help paraprofessionals and to commit to fighting for a living wage. UFT-Unity members supported the former goal, but spoke against the latter goal, successfully removing this line: “Resolved that the UFT develop a comprehensive bargaining plan, with a clear timeline and objectives, for achieving a living wage for paraprofessionals, including equitable longevity raises, injury paid leave parity, and chapter 683 and ESY pay parity, ensuring they are compensated fairly for their crucial role in education.” Arguments for striking this section ranged from ‘paras don’t have it that bad in NYC, at least relative to other chapters across the country and state’ to we can’t ‘tie our hands’ at the bargaining table or telegraph what we’d fight for. Alex Jallot (MORE) pointed out the particularly high cost of living in NYC that paras must grapple with, and Ed Calamia (NAC) pointed out that nothing about the second resolved tied anyone’s hands – that it simply tried to set something in motion regarding a living wage. I think Unity was wrong to strike this resolved for the same reasons that my UFC-elected HS Executive Board colleagues mentioned. On the one hand, they didn’t vote down the resolution outright or steal future credit for it from its original authors by supplanting it with a virtually identical but watered substitution resolution (something which has happened many times recently). On the other hand, they took out the most meaningful part of the resolution – and the part that would have most involved the UFT’s resources. To sign a petition based on the resolution as originally written, see here.
  • There was a legislative report, and the president’s report was also largely a legislative report, but nothing specific about Tier 6 reforms or the new law that Senator Robert Jackson is championing. I’ve written a few pieces on this, most recently here.
  • Ed Calamia (NAC) asked about ways that UFT resources can be provided to help solve intra-chapter conflicts. Too often, chapter solidarity can be weakened by conflicts between our own members, and often it’s non-UFT administrators who end up coming in to ‘mediate’ or write letters in the file. What can we do to mediate these issues ourselves and help create stronger chapters? A few methods were mentioned by Liz Perez, which may be working for schools in her district, but if Ed had to ask, they can’t be working everywhere. Clearly there’s more that needs to be done.
  • Alex Jallot asked about UFT Welfare benefits, particularly dental benefits, in light of the fact that we have a surplus. We got the usual spin from an employee of the UFT Welfare Fund that we’re always trying to improve benefits, but that doesn’t ring true on dental, where dentists are complaining that reimbursements have been cut despite inflation. Alex mentioned having to pay almost 2k out of pocket to have crowns done by an in-network dentist; I had a similar figure a few years ago. Usatch suggested that in the context of a union as big as ours, the surplus isn’t as big as it sounds. If the surplus in the welfare fund isn’t even that big in context, I’m at a loss as to why we are doing things to raid the stabilization in fund to support it, but I digress. Plainly and simply, something serious needs to be done about dental.
  • As the COVID policy is weakening nationwide, the DOE is making matters more ‘flexible’ for members who test positive. Mulgrew pointed out that we still have our COVID days, but was blunt that we probably wouldn’t next year. I don’t think we should accept that. There are medical issues that, because we’re likely to catch them in certain contexts while on the job, are treated differently from others. For instance, per the New York Teacher, “Absences due to hepatitis B as a result of working with children or due to an allergic reaction from a DOE-mandated skin test will not be deducted from your CAR provided you submit appropriate medical documentation. Other health-related absences that are not deducted from your CAR include absences due to contracting measles, mumps or chicken pox from a student. (Shingles is not on the list.) These are considered “nonattendance” days and can be requested on the OP 201 form.” UFT needs to fight to make sure COVID, which we absolutely catch while working in NYC schools, also is coded for non-attendance days. Otherwise three things will happen: (1) cases will spread in our schools; (2) members who are catching COVID year after year while on the job will deplete all or most of their CAR days (we only get 10 a year), leaving them precious few if they have other illnesses, including serious health events that require accumulated days for extended leaves; (3) in schools with abusive administrators, teachers will find themselves pressured to come to school despite having COVID, or written up/denied tenure for taking days because they had COVID.
  • In the official adcom minutes (see appendix), there was a seemingly excessive amount of UFT money approved to send members or staffers to conferences, including destination spots like Las Vegas and Jamaica. One conference in such a destination, I noticed, which was costing us almost $5,000 for just one member, also had many DOE central personnel listed as attending. I’m wondering what the UFT is saying to the City and DOE implicitly about how we feel about budget cuts and non-school spending of DOE dollars, when we refuse to fight budget cuts as vigorously as we need to, while lavishly spending to send a few lucky UFT higher ups, presumably Unity members, to the same vacation-adjacent conferences as DOE bureaucrats (ostensibly, on the City’s dime). I’m very curious to see the much overdue report on the UFT’s finances, moved to this April. Hopefully as much money or more money is going to fighting for paras to get a living wage.

There’s more to analyze, as always, but I’ll leave the rest to the reader. For the full informal minutes, including the official minutes from previous meetings as approved just after the open mic period, see below.

Open Mic:

Name intentionally redacted: teacher who made comments on social media about the situation in Israel and Gaza that some found offensive and was disciplined; was also singled out by groups of people from outside the DOE and doxed publicly over these comments, including outside of their own school. Says similar things have happened to others. Adds that UFT has given hollow promises and asks if there will be legal action taken to assist them.

Kate Connors: This past Friday, Senator Rivera met with MORE health working group and UFT officers. Hoping through ongoing collaboration we can make the senator’s bill even stronger. UFT will be pivotal. Health Justice group has been in contact with another organization who is excited to join the conversation.

Approval of the Official Minutes (see appendix)

President’s Report (Mulgrew): Albany,pushed in new stuff for tier 6, long way to go. Mayor not helping us. Real problem when it comes to money. See where this goes. Went into class size, widespread belief that an economic crisis will be created to stop the class size law. Very good conversations. Easter Weekend will be fun packed with budget stuff. Everyone has decided they want to get out of town fast. Doesn’t mean it happens. Sticky stuff up there. Group coming next Monday, standing together, Palestinians and Jewish folks from Israel who AFT has worked with, leading the charge for a peaceful two state solution. High security event, limited number, important that exec board is invited. Proposing that this becomes the exec board for March, so financial report to wait for April. We’ll do a 5 to 6 PM, detailed report, then for regular exec board time, overview, then they’ll do questions. We just worry about folks who get financial details out and the Post [that will be in April]… Had our first Ramadan dinner at UFT last Friday. Asked them and our Jewish Committee to come to that event.

Motion passes.

Hundreds of people at various events, HERSTORY, school workers, march for first inclusive St Patrick’s Day Parade.

City, we don’t know why, new guidance. Can still take the five days, don’t have to. No way guidelines next year, still special categories have to look to.

Know people care about the Tier 6, but need a lot more on other things too. Doesn’t matter who the Mayor is.

(After Ibeth asks)

Budget report is separate from exec board because most people don’t want to sit through that. If whole board wants to do 5:00, we’ll go. It’s about what status union is in – 2 years in that presentation. People have to see that we are a strong viable union. A bunch of people doing this work, enemies, nonstop. Parents got so fed up being on CDC boards that they stopped running, and now look who is there, especially in D2. Parents didn’t run because people stopped listening to them. We need those seats full. Because people are embarrassed.


LeRoy Barr: Reiterate, invite only for exec board, members of two different groups, we’ll be in this meeting – that will start 4:30 PM. Get here earlier if you can. Following exec board, April 8th. First one is at 5:00 in room 18G, budget. Then truncated version at 6:00. This is what we’ve done historically.

Janella Hinds: Herstory celebration, lovely event held at Brooklyn UFT. Had opportunity to enjoy the cosmetology services of Queens students, after celebrating people nominated by their colleagues. On dance floor until 3:30.

Mary Atkinson: Up to 320 schools, can add more. Free to a school to do, do PD and it’s CTLE. Some live PD and some virtually, and do parent work in the evening, so any parents interested.

Question Period:

Alex Jallot: Welfare fund, thank you all for work you’ve done in the welfare fund. For past couple of years, revenue has exceeded expenses, so is there any of that money going to dental? Just had crowns put in – 1700 out of pocket. If we can expect for some of that revenue to come to improve those benefits.

Joe Usatch: UFT welfare fund always in a state of trying to improve benefits. Optical benefit was increased a few years ago. Same thing occurred with hearing benefit, increased recently. Constantly trying to improve dental; dental is something that is under the microscope. Spend about a half a billion dollars a year on benefits, so really only two full years. Always trying to improve.

Alex Jallot: Hard to find people who take it.

Joe Usatch: Familiar with the provider booklet?

Alex Jallot: Several dentists saying they are no longer taking UFT. Hard to find somebody in my area.

Joe Usatch: Robust network, staff willing to work with you; CIGNA, SIDS.

Ilona Nanay: Always interested in conversation; follow up on what the open mic speaker said. Many members who are being doxed, not just by DOE, but privately. Para spoke in support of Palestine. Have asked several times, know there are things we can do to stand up and protect our fellow our coworkers, but is the UFT considering legal action against these private entities. Does seem like it’s coming to that.

LeRoy Barr: We don’t discuss individual cases, but I do know that UFT has been intimately involved in this particular case, wouldn’t divulge all that we know about this case. There’s a difference sometimes in what happens in the school, the corridor, outside the school, outside the home. Have to call the police. Close contact with the police – as much as I can say. You have freedom of speech, and you seeing this happening every day. Challenge comes when your employer feels something you’re saying isn’t something they want you to say as part of that organization. We have to talk about those things – deal with more cases that you could imagine. Part of me wants to share the depth and breadth, but really can’t do that; speaking in general, not just specific case. Folks have to be careful. More difficult to defend when some of these things happen.

Ed Calamia: Usually when we think of a toxic work environment, but what about when it is peer to peer. What resources do we have to mediate? There is harassment in chapters that degrades solidarity.

LeRoy Barr: That happens. Maybe some DRs could share.

Liz Perez: COVID has changed us a lot, seeing a lot of this going on. We go into the schools, but there’s always one member who doesn’t want to come in. We are taking action on this – can’t even tell you what I see. DRs are there looking for ways to talk to these members. Refer people to MAP; a lot we do do. Hopefully we can get to the core.

Melody A: Replacement for Go Guardian. Programs used to work to help kids safely navigate the internet; without a replacement, there’s a digital safety risk.

Mary Vacarro: Missed most, but Mary says looking into it.

Ibeth Mejia: new teacher won a grievance but he has been working out his pay in terms of how it’s been. Spoken to UFT; new teacher.

LeRoy Barr: Mike Sill will be in touch.

District Reports:

Seung Lee: Lunar New Year Banquet; treasurer now highest ranking AAPI officer.

Sean Rockowitz: report on two things; earlier last week, held blood drive, ‘steady flow’ pun intended. Yesterday, UFT invited for Staten Island’s first inclusive committee.

Rashad Brown: Great way to celebrate Irish – part Irish – but also inclusivity of LGBTQ community, especially because courts in Florida turned over the ‘don’t say gay’ bill.

Donna Copola: Wonderful to hear love as they screamed ‘UFT’ (at event)

Aqeel Williams: First ever inaugural Iftar event. Approximately 50 people came, indescribable being able to pray inside UFT building. Wonderful event.

Michael Friedman: Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Ramadan, and Purim. Speaking for my members, excited for next week’s meeting. Bringing peace, all points of view, followups after extremely necessary.

Rosemary Thompson: Counselors meeting went well.

Name missed: had injury, hurt 4th day of school, split knee cap in two, screws and wires. Here because I want to say thank you. See things on blogs, but when you are going through that, had to go on SOLACE, hot mess, but Tom Bennet really helped me. Wanted people to know that if you do reach out you can help.

Camile Eddy: Teacher/Cyclist was killed after being doored. Worked at Brooklyn academy of global finance – over 500 people. He came from Wall Street and was a 64 year old teacher of 2 years. John always wanted to fulfill his dream of being a SPED teacher. Whole class came.

Karen Alford: Lift colleagues at PS36, lost several staff members in brief period of time. Just left City Hall, Ilona was there with her kids, children advocating for restorative justice, better school food. Feel like we’re gonna be in good hands – thanks teachers prepping kids to be there. On behalf of all the members of Herstory – applause.

Servia Silva: Thanks Dave Kazansky for in person pension meeting; they would not let him leave. Every time I hear him speak I learn something new.

Pat Crispino: give more applause to Rosemary. Her and her staff. Room was full and stayed full until 4:00 PM. Been to a lot of rooms in my years, but this room was happy. Thanks for all work done for guidance.

Andrea Polite: functional chapter para. Great event, union on notice – Dave Doorga do this once every other month!

Rashad Brown: professional committees are here, lots of committees. Big shout out to Women in Hip Hop, Slick Rick’s wife here, a couple of journalists here.

Priscilla Castro: Last weekend, D75 para representative training; everyone socializing, great event. Parafest is this weekend, Saturday at the Hilton. Can still buy tickets.

Political Report:

Venecia Wilson: Michael lifted up lobby day, pressure on elected officials; first ever virtual lobby day, people continue to ask the question: do you support us. Instagram, officials etc. Continues to be something that we can do. Went ahead by one hour – grateful because UFT showed up and showed out. Collective power – things happen when we move together. I know some people don’t think it’s a big deal, but it is. 23rd to the 30th, whatever that next Saturday is, not that next Sunday because it’s Easter Sunday. Register to vote – heard over and over, my vote doesn’t matter. We can not afford to be on the sidelines. Need to make sure people are registering to vote. Interest is workers rights.

Special Order of Business:

Nick Bacon: The following resolution is close to my heart, but to be clear – I didn’t write it. This was written by two paraprofessionals, including the second vice-chair of the UFT Paraprofessional Chapter, as well as a special education teacher. This issue is also close to me – as a special education teacher myself, I’ve worked closely with paraprofessionals over most of my career and have seen a lot of what they go through because of not being paid a living wage. In fact, I think we’d have heard from writers and supporters of this resolution in the open mic period if not for the fact that many paraprofessionals have to work two jobs. Because it is not my resolution, I think it’s best that I just read it:

Resolution to Meaningfully Support New York City Paraprofessionals’ Fight for a Living Wage and Fair Contract

co-written by: 

Migda Rodriguez, Second Vice-Chair of UFT Paraprofessional Chapter and para; Marie Wausnock, para; and Daniel Alicea, special education teacher 

Whereas, UFT paraprofessionals/para-educators play an essential and invaluable role in our school communities by providing accessible, quality educational and support services to all of our schoolchildren;

Whereas, New York City public schools are experiencing hundreds of para vacancies that may result in thousands of New York City school children not receiving federally mandated IEP services due to shortages of full-time, qualified paras; and

Whereas, our New York City public school paras are struggling to earn a living wage in our city and often have to work multiple jobs to survive; and

Whereas, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), and National Education Association (NEA), alongside dozens of other labor and education organizations have endorsed the November 2023 Senate resolution called  The Paraprofessionals and Education Support Staff Bill of Rights, which calls for fairer pay, better benefits, workplace safety, job security, and increased access to training that will give these jobs and the educators who do them the respect they deserve; and

Whereas, the AFT and NEA have also endorsed the January of 2024 Senate and House of Representatives legislation called the Preparing and Retaining All (PARA) Educators Act, that would establish a grant program to help schools recruit, train, and retain paraeducators by funding pipeline and credentialing programs, high-quality professional development, and higher wages; therefore be it

Resolved; that the UFT shall support and educate its members about the significant implications of The Paraprofessionals and Education Support Staff Bill of Rights and the Preparing and Retaining All (PARA) Educators Act, emphasizing the potential benefits for paraprofessionals; and be it further

Resolved; that the UFT develop a comprehensive bargaining plan, with a clear timeline and objectives, for achieving a living wage for paraprofessionals, including equitable longevity raises, injury paid leave parity, and chapter 683 and ESY pay parity, ensuring they are compensated fairly for their crucial role in education.


Signed by: Ronnie Almonte; Nick Bacon; Edward Calamia; Alex Jallot; Ibeth Mejia; Luli Rodriguez; Ilona Nanay; Michael Schirtzer

Nick: This motion is a no brainer – points to legislation already supported by AFT and NEA. It isn’t meant to take away from the work already being done by our advocacy, but to signal some specific attention and advocacy going forward. Thank you.

Mike Sill: Motion to amend – strike the second resolved. Not sure I’d  call this a no brainer, don’t want to upsurp the paraprofessional chapter and negotiating strategizing. Don’t think we should do some of this publicly.

Priscilla Castro: Speaking to amendment, we negotiate together, collectively, when we are bargaining. In terms of November bill of rights, our different locals across the state don’t have the benefits that paras have. UFT pays for our benefits; other members have to pay 800 a month, and only paid minimum wage. Absolutely agree with resolution – AFT and NEA. For example, DOE pays for credits each semester; no other state has that. Once they get paid bachelors , getting 40-60k, not much for nyc, but in south making far less. Speak up in favor of the amendment to strike second resolved.

Alex Jallot: Speaking in support of resolution as is. Average rent in NYC is 3,735; 2 br is even higher. When I think of our paras who do so much work, I think they deserve higher pay. Strongly in support of resolution; don’t think it conflicts.

Andrea Polite: Proud paraprofessional, of 27 years, understand financial roadblocks, in favor of striking second resolved because I was on the negotiating committee. If we do this, tying hands of our chapters. Even though it’s going to take us some time; sacrifice so I can do other union work and not work a second job; a lot of these board members; DOE and other board members don’t know what we do and don’t even think they should be paying what they’re paying us. Appreciate the people who wrote resolved, but from being in the room, not where we need to go at this time.

Seung Lee: Motion to amend the title to take out the word ‘meaningfully’: saying that work before was not meaningful implies work suggested here more meaningful;

LeRoy Barr: That’s a friendly amendment, right, so …Nick?

Nick: Title not meant to have that affect, but sure, we can amend the title.

Pat Crispino: Calls question on all matters.

Ed Calamia: Seriously? Justone more person in line to speak.

LeRoy Barr: Says Ed can speak.

Ed Calamia: Given the friendly amendment that has been made; I rise to support the friendly amended thing as written; not to support Sill’s amendment, but to second resolved; it doesn’t tie anyone’s hands; it just says a living wage, it doesn’t say the UFT will be forced; just sets a basement of what living wage is.

Amendment vote: Passes, with nays from HS Executive Board.

Resolution as amended: Passes with one or two nays.  

Appendix (Approved Minutes):

Executive Board Minutes

February 26, 2024

Present:      Adika, Aklu, Alford, Almonte, Altomare, Anastasiou, Aromando, Arroyo, Artis, Arundell, Atkinson, Ayrovainen, Bacon, Barker, Bello, Bennett, Bongiovanni,  R. Brown, T. Brown, Calamia, Cambria, Castro, Colvin, Conaboy, Coppola, Crinigan, Crispino, Diakite, DiBenedetto, Eaddy, Franks, Friedman, Gaglione, Ginese, Goldman, Gordon, Harmon, Highland, Hill, Hinds, Hughes, Kazansky, Khalid, V. Lee, Mantell, C. Murphy, Noble, Perez, Poulos, Ramos, Rock, D. Rodriguez, Rogers, Romero, Rotkowitz, Rzonca, Sandau, Santos, Sarabia, Shapiro, Sill, Silva, Sorkin, Surpris, Thompson, Usatch, Vaccaro, Waltzer, Weinerman, Wilks-Duplan, Williams, Williams-Crawford.

Excused:     S. Abrams, Barr, Alexander, Bart, Destin, Espert, Garcia, Geist, Jallot, Josaphat, Kuzar, S. Lee, Lozupone, Mejia, Miller, Mulgrew, T. Murphy, Nanay, Negron, Peña, Pender, Polite, Reed, Robbins, L. Rodriguez, Rosier-Rayburn, Ruiz, Schirtzer, Tindal, Webb-Geddes, Yon.

Manhattan Borough Representative Carl Cambria chaired the meeting in lieu of unforeseen circumstances that kept Secretary Barr and Assistant Secretary Sill from attending the meeting.

The following minutes were approved:  Executive Board minutes of February 5 and AdCom minutes of February 9 and 16.

Vice President Janella Hinds announced that the keynote speaker for the HerStory Celebration is Gloria Middleton, President of CWA 1180.  The theme is empowering our sisters and ourselves.  We will be celebrating women in the labor movement.  It will take place on Saturday, March 16, at the Brooklyn UFT.

Vice President Richard Mantell announced that on March 7 about 400 middle and high school girls

will be attending an event at the UFT in recognition of Women’s History Month.  We will have several events and workshops all hosted by women to empower women.  Many of the students attending are from temporary housing.  In addition, on Saturday, March 9, there will be a scavenger hunt in Wall Street.  The theme is Alexander Hamilton.  The hunt begins at 10 AM.

Vice President Karen Alford reported on an email she received from a district representative regarding paraprofessionals being mandated to enter TSG observation data.  TSG stands for teaching strategies gold which applies to 3K and PreK.   The response received from the DOE is that paraprofessionals are not required or expected to complete observation data in gold.  While many paras have noted that this is something they voluntarily facilitate in collaboration with the teacher as part of their own professional interest this is not required.  All district representatives have received this information.

Vice President Mary Vaccaro reported that phase 2 chapter leaders attended a meeting on February 12.  It was hugely successful.  We will try to get all the books and everything needed for phase 2 into schools prior to Chancellor’s Conference Day.  We also had conversations about data walls.  The DOE is putting together a document that says there should be no data walls.   We have a full agreement.  They will be mandated to be taken down in all schools because it is a violation of privacy.  This also applies to sound walls.  No school is required to put that up unless they have had training.  In addition, we are working on getting the materials on illustrative math. No agreement has been reached yet.  The DOE would like this done digitally but we have let them know that it is not working.  More updates to come.

Carl Cambria explained that whilst Secretary Barr and Assistant Secretary Sill were stuck in an elevator, he was chairing the meeting.  He then gave a report on the virtual learning portion of our contract which went into effect in September.  Through PROSE there are 20 schools in that program.  In the spring term 20 more will enter the program.  Last week the application process opened for the fall 2024 semester for all high schools interested in participating.  An email was sent to all high school chapter leaders with this information.  There’s also a survey that all high school principals can fill out if interested.  The contract says that in the fall of 2023 up to 25% of high schools could have participated.  This upcoming fall it goes up to 50%.  President Mulgrew reported on this at the Delegate Assembly.  The numbers have been woeful in terms of participation.  During the next couple of weeks we will share with schools what this process entails and demystify it a bit.  Let us know of any schools that are interested. 

The following resolution was submitted by Ronnie Almonte, Nick Bacon, Ed Calamia, Alex Jallot and

Mike Schirtzer.  

Motion:         To approve the following:

Resolution for a Citywide Protest at City Hall Against the Budget Cuts

Whereas, Mayor Eric Adams has cut $536 million from the DOE budget this Fiscal Year, and

$703 million next Fiscal Year,

Whereas, together with previous cuts by the Mayor, he will have cut billions of dollars from

NYC’s education budget at a time where student need is high

Whereas, federally funded initiatives are at risk of being cut, including the staffing of social

workers in schools where, prior to the pandemic, there were none

Whereas, the budget crisis that the Mayor has alleged since he entered City Hall to justify his

cuts is non-existent, for the city has a surplus and its tax revenues are higher than anticipated,

Whereas, the Mayor has invented economic crises as political maneuvers to preferentially cut

certain city agencies,

Whereas, past and future budget cuts must be confronted by a mobilized UFT rank-and-file


Resolved, that the UFT will demand publicly that the Mayor reverse his future budget cuts to the

public schools, and restore cuts he’s made since his start in office,

Resolved, that the UFT will follow up its daytime protest at City Hall on December 11, 2023 with

an all-out protest at City Hall this Spring at a time where most UFT members are off from work.


Motion:         To adjourn.


Respectfully submitted,

Carl Cambria

MBO Representative

AdCom Minutes

March 1, 2024

Present:       Alford, Barr, Brown, Ginese, Goldman, Gordon, Hinds, Lee, Mantell, Mulgrew, Sill, Vaccaro.

Motion:       To send 5 members to the National Conference on Science Education Denver 24 on March 20-23, 2024 in Denver, CO at a cost of $2,728 per person.


Motion:       To send 4 members to the 2024 NEA ESP National Conference on March 22-24, 2024 in Las Vegas, NV at a cost of $2,231 per person.


Motion:       To send 8 members to the New York State Association of School Nurses Conference on April 5-6, 2024 in Queens, NY at a cost of $728 per person.


Motion:       To send 10 representatives to the NYSUT Health Care Professionals Conference on May 10-11, 2024 in Albany, NY at a cost of $285 per person.


Motion:       To adjourn.


Respectfully submitted,

LeRoy Barr



52 Broadway

New York City 10004

AdCom Minutes

March 8, 2024

Present:       Alford, Barr, Brown, Ginese, Goldman, Gordon, Hinds, Lee, Mantell, Mulgrew, Sill, Vaccaro.

Motion:       To send 1 member to the National Summit for Educational Equity Conference on April 8-11, 2024 in Washington, DC at a cost of $2,550.


Motion:       To have 20 members attend Virtually the CompTIA Introduction to Teaching Fundamentals (ITF) for Paraprofessionals on April 16-June 18, 2024 at a cost of $178 per person.


Motion:       To send 6 members to the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists 53rd International Convention on May 21-29, 2024 in Houston, TX, at a cost of $3,060 per person.


Motion:       To adjourn.


New York City 10004

Ad Com Minutes

March 15, 2024

Present:       Alford, Barr, Brown, Ginese, Goldman, Gordon, Hinds, Lee, Mantell, Mulgrew, Sill, Vaccaro.

Motion:       To contribute $10,000 to the National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy.


Motion:       To send 1 member to the Future Ready International Conference on April 22-26, 2024 in Kingston, Jamaica, at a cost of $4,900.


Motion:       To adjourn


Nick Bacon is a co-chairperson at New Action Caucus. He is also an elected member of the UFT executive board

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