UFT Elections – the members win!

Michael Mulgrew was elected President to a three-year term this week by an overwhelming majority (91%).  New Action’s bipartisan program proved decisive in providing Mulgrew with the largest margin of victory in memory.

The members appreciate the strong first year Mulgrew has had, and his willingness to take on all opponents, starting with Klein and Bloomberg. And members voted in larger numbers than last election – up 3%.

New Action’s message — we support the leadership when they are right, but are willing to engage in constructive criticism and open debate — led to an increased vote for New Action in every division of the union, the only caucus to do so.

And the members returned 8 New Action candidates to the Executive Board.

Our pledge continues to be a commitment to work with all caucuses to improve working conditions for UFT members and fight all plans to take away our hard-won rights. We will also remind the leadership of that commitment when necessary.

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