Thanks for SESIS victory

At the May 6, 2013 Executive Board, Maria Ramos, Executive Board At-large, New Action Caucus, read the following letter. It was signed by Maria, but written collectively – all the authors were directly affected by the SESIS decision.

I would like to thank Carmen Alvarez, Michael Mulgrew, Vanessa Pressley, my chapter chairperson – Thank you for giving us the tools like Carmen’s article in the New York Teacher The Time Is Now, and the guidance to fight back and win the SESIS debacle. All my co-workers at my schools say the money is really really really great– $38 million Dollars in all – WOW and we didn’t even expect compensation – we just did not want to get U rated for the work we could not get done during the school day.

This win exposes what our jobs and our caseloads are really like and how much time it takes to stay in compliance. It also shows how dedicated our members are to our children with special needs, knowing that SESIS has put the skids on their services.

Thank you!!!

Maria Ramos

Executive Board @ Large

School Psychologist P198/P245 K D22

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