An Unfortunate Decade of Mayoral Mistakes

(from the New Action leaflet distributed at the February 2013 UFT Delegate Assembly).
For a printable version click: NA/UFT 02/2013 leaflet


New Action Recommends

Did we listen?


2002 No to Mayoral Control No. First Mayoral Control bill gives Bloomberg unfettered control Countless Disruptive Reorganizations – managers (not educators)  dominate the DoE bureaucracy
2009 No Extension of Term Limits No, even though we could have stopped Bloomberg by swinging a handful of City Council votes The worst of Bloomberg’s terms
2009 Let Mayoral Control Sunset No. We put in “checks and balances” …. … but those “checks and balances“ did not limit the mayoral dictatorship
2009 No Waiver for Chancellors No Cathie Black
2009 Endorse Bill Thompson against Bloomberg No, we sit out the election Bloomberg squeaks by for four more years of school closings, abusive administrators,  and mountains of paperwork
2013 Remove Christine Quinn from consideration for our endorsement



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