Rally in support of William Bryant HS, March 26, 2015

Rally in support of William Cullen Bryant HS
Thursday, March 26, 2015
3:30 – 6:00 PM
48-10 31st Ave

Principal Namita Dwarka is an abusive administrator, and she must go!

Community Rally for William Bryant



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    Hi…. I attended a rally at that site in the fall. No one ( more or less; no UFT officials, elected or appointed; no New Action people; no pols.) showed up. Except for some very brave Bryant faculty. I’m willing to come…. but is there any real reason to expect that the turnout will be larger and that  the results will be more consequential? I have a long trip to get there. Paul Hogan

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    Francesco Portelos

    Paul, this one has had a lot more planning and advertising go into it. The one you discussed was set up and then dropped by Senator Tony Avella after UFT reached out to him. This one has a buzz going around the community with both alumni and former staff joining and advertising.

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