The Chief Administrator is ‘MOST Abusive Administrator’

by Anna-Maria Thomas

When we speak of ‘Abusive Administrators’ only one name comes to mind: Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg represents EVERYTHING which is wrong with our NYC Public School System. May I take this moment to add the entire public school system across this country is in the hands of those who hope to destroy the future of our children to attain public education.

The move by Bloomberg to CORPORATIZE our education system must be stopped. Since Bloomberg’s tenure of mayoral control of our education system, the problems we as educators faced have worsen.

Again, I remind you THIS A NATIONAL PROBLEM as well.

We (as educators and as concerned community members) must demand a ‘RECALL’ on Bloomberg.

Bloomberg’s continued efforts to destroy our education system by

  1. Installing unqualified Chancellors who have no desire to improve the success of our students,
  2. The effort to remove the BEST educators by any means ‘rubber rooms,’
  3. The lack of willing to negotiate with our union for fair contract,
  4. The misrepresentation to the media and thus the public regarding the true picture of our failing education system for the past eight years,
  5. The inability of the new crop of principals to fairly evaluate faculty,
  6. And giving full control to these inept principals of the school’s budget to hire/fire teachers

…are prime examples of just some of reasons Bloomberg must be ‘recalled.’

Bloomberg must go! This is what WE must repeat until WE get rid of Bloomberg.

Respectfully submitted,
Anna-Maria Thomas, Ed.D
Educator/Guidance Counselor
New Action Caucus


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