New Action Call for Justice for Trayvon Martin

from the April 2012 New Action Delegate Assembly leaflet: Leaflet 2012 April

On March 26, 2012, New Action leaders on the UFT Executive Board put our union on record, calling for justice for Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman, a “neighborhood watch volunteer” admitted he shot and killed 15 year old Trayvon, an unarmed African-American high school student. The Sanford, Florida police had refused to arrest Zimmerman. The New Action resolution called on the UFT to join the nationwide movement to condemn the unjustified, fatal shooting and demanded that Angela Corey, Florida’s 4th District State’s Attorney, investigate Trayvon’s murder and prosecute Zimmerman.

Since that time, Zimmerman has been indicted for second degree murder. Today’s resolution takes into account the recent developments. It highlights our opposition to the “stand your ground laws” that only encourage the use of lethal violence.

The resolution also puts a spotlight on the racial profiling of African-American youth. It is that practice that led New Action to initiate the resolution to OPPOSE THE NYPD’S “STOP AND FRISK” PRACTICES.

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