MORE’s Hidden Secret

The MORE caucus and the bloggers who write for them want UFT members to believe they are a brand new caucus. The truth is MORE consists of several formations and groups that have a track record. One spokesperson/blogger recently alluded to the record of two of their members when they held seats on the UFT
Executive Board—James Eterno and Jeff Kaufman. This blogger noted the sterling record they had from July 2004 through June 2007.

It is worth looking at the role ICE played on that Board. Certainly we should know their record in order to judge what we can expect of MORE if they were elected again.

During those years they had a record of failure. In the spring of 2010 New Action stated that they (not just James or Jeff) “were an embarrassment and actually hurt the members.”

Today MORE makes claims about what they will do if elected. WHAT DID THEY (ICE) DO THEN? They claimed they would fight for “job rights for ATRs.” How many motions did they make at the UFT Executive Board from 2004-2007 to fight for ATRs? ZERO! What about their claim that they would fight for an end to school closings? How many motions did they make? ZERO!

They claimed they would fight to “Restore and strengthen the right to grieve unfair and inaccurate letters and observations.” How many motions? ZERO! The same for their claim to fight to “end harassment, “ reduce class size,” “win parity for paras and secretaries.” YOU guessed it. ZERO! ZERO! ZERO!

When given the chance to provide leadership, ICE did nothing!

We will repeat what we said in the spring of 2010: “Don’t waste your vote on an opposition” caucus that has produced nothing for the members except empty promises. Don’t waste your vote on a caucus that (STILL) refuses to acknowledge its own leadership failure. Don’t vote for a repeat of 2004-2007.”

They often seemed more concerned with delaying or disrupting proceedings than with promoting the interests of the members.

Don’t waste your vote on MORE which offers more empty rhetoric (and more history than they would care to discuss)

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