(from the New Action leaflet distributed at the June 2014 Delegate Assembly).
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Over 90,000 UFT members voted on the new contract proposal. 77% approved it. However, there are issues in the schools not addressed by the contract. And while the new de Blasio administration’s tone is a refreshing, we have not seen change filter down to the schools.

We should work with de Blasio and Fariña to address


  • End FSF – Stop Discriminating Against Experienced Educators
  • End Quotas and Arbitrary Rules for Extension of Probation
  • Fire the Lawyers – 200 is 200 too many


  • Repair our Grievance Machinery
  • Review Arbitrary Discontinuances
  • Modify the Behavior of 300+ Abusive and/or Incompetent Administrators


  • Avatar

    1.”FSF”: What’s that?

    2. Realistically… the DOE must have SOME lawyers. Let’s not trivialize a serious issue by overstating the case. That there are TOO MANY lawyers ( Who are they, btw? And how’d they get their jobs?) is self-evident. One need only peruse the basic facts of the Portelos case ( You know , the Seinfeldian, 500,000$, two+year long case about precisely *nothing*.)

    There’s an ethics ( and fiscal) emergency there but let’s NOT overstate the case.

    Aside from that: what are we waiting for? Let’s MOVE.

  • jd2718

    FSF is “Fair Student Funding” – the system that deducts teachers’s salaries from principals budgets and leads principals to avoid accepting transfers from more experienced teachers. It is part of the problem ATRs have finding placements. It hurts every teacher applying to transfer.

    Lawyers? What do they need? 10? 2? It would be interesting to know what function they played before Bloomberg. But your point is valid. Perhaps we should have written “200 lawyers is 190 too many”

    The lawyers regularly support principals’ decisions, often in violation of the contract. They are a part of the problem that Bloomberg put in place, and one that our members feel all too often.

    And yes, they are a financial burden. Tweed is bloated with these non-pedagogues, sucking funding from the schools. What do they cost? 20, 30 40 million a year?

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