Why is Mulgrew Exaggerating the cost of going to CityMD?

Last week at the DA, Mulgrew claimed that CityMD costs were so high that he was glad to hike our copays up to $100. In fact, he’d prefer if our copays were $400. That implies a pretty substantial amount of cost. He threw some numbers out there — like $680 for a COVID test — to try to make his point.

So, I’m a little lost. A few weeks ago, I injured myself. In my neck of the woods, CityMD is pretty much the only urgent care option around unless you want to wait in line for hours at the free clinic. Long story short, I shelled out the $50 and went. Had to get X-rays and everything, so the cost was clearly more than just ‘getting in the door.’ What did GHI pay? $172. Once copays go up to $100 (up from $15 in 2016), that share would be $122 – just barely over half the cost. If copays were $400 – about double the cost of the visit, period–I’m not sure who would be profiting. The hedge funds? The stabilization fund?

Bottom line? We’re being misled on the cost of urgent cares as an excuse to raise our share of healthcare costs. And, don’t get me wrong – let’s be careful not to adopt Mulgrew’s frame. We’ve caught UFT leadership misleading us on just how bad the skyrocketing costs are. That’s important. But even if costs are going up, we should be fighting for our compensation packages to match or exceed those increases. Instead, UFT leadership is accepting sub-inflation wage adjustments (read: paycuts) below the mostly non-unionized average. They’re telling us we’re better off without a right to strike. And they’re obliterating our healthcare before our eyes.

It’s time to tell leadership: no more cuts. UFT members deserve fair pay and benefits so that we can afford to live in the city we serve. Sign your name on the petition today for a referendum to vote before major changes–like copay hikes or insurance switches–are made to our healthcare.

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