We are Wisconsin

Stand with Wisconsin. Governor Walker is putting forward legislation to end collective bargaining and the right to belong to a union. He must be stopped.

Sign the petition. They will send you updates.

The website is called “We are Wisconsin.”


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    Virgilio Rizzo

    We have to support our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin or in any other state where attempts are made to deprive them of their rights to collective bargaining and to join unions. The reactionaries of our time should learn that workers will not be pushed back to the times of the industrial revolution. Workers should also learn not to take their won rights for granted. The enemies of the working class are always ready to take advantage of any weakness in the workers movement to launch their attacks.
    The events in Wisconsin show clearly that class struggle or “class warfare” was not a conceptual invention by Karl Marx but an existential reality that permeates the relations between wage earners and capitalists in modern society.

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