Two photos from demonstration against racist principal

Last month teachers and supporters picketed Tweed. They demanded an immediate, rapid and unbiased investigation by the Chancellor’s office into allegations that a Queens Principal called African American teachers she was firing “big lipped,” “nappy haired,” and “gorillas.”

Demonstration against racist principal 2

Pan American International High School will be without any African American teachers next year, because two teachers were fired after a Queens Principal, Minerva Zanca, made racist comments about them in closed-door meetings with her assistant principal.  The third African American teacher is leaving the school because of severe budget cuts to her hugely successful Theater program which were racially motivated.

Picketers demanded a full investigation into these allegations and, if they are substantiated, that the DOE hold the principal accountable to its zero-tolerance policy against discrimination.  They also demanded the discontinuances be reversed and the teachers be rehired.

Demonstration against racist principal

The Chapter Leader, Peter Lamphere, is a leading member of the MORE Caucus, which endorsed the picket, as did New Action/UFT, and as did the UFT as a whole.

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