Top 3 Reasons to Vote for Ben Morgenroth in the TRS Election this Wednesday, May 8.

  1. Ben is the most qualified candidate. Ben, a Brown-educated applied mathematician with experience in the financial sector, has not only the drive–but the competence–to do whatever is in his power to keep the pension solvent for all tiers, while working to get Tier 6 fixed. His opponent worked for the UFT pension office, but not in a role that comes close to overseeing a 100-billion-dollar investment fund. Ben has that experience – and he got it on Wall Street.
  2. Ben is committed to making the member-benefiting pension reforms we need. Unlike his competitor, he is an actual member of Tier 6. He is a teacher, not a staffer, and thus holds no separate UFT pension to shield him from the brutal inadequacies of our subpar retirement system. While, for years, UFT leadership more or less appointed TRS representatives who told us that Tier 6 was basically fine, it was Ben, and Ben alone, who took it upon himself to do the math of how much we’re losing: almost a decade of our lives and over a million dollars. Ben, not his competitor, faces that reality. Ben is therefore committed to doing whatever is in his power to fight to: (A) fix Tier 6 now, not later; (B) reverse the TDA giveback/failure; (C) improve pension penalties for those who go on parental leave; and (D) make whatever improvements possible to previous tiers. All pensions can be made better for our members – if we have the will to make them so.
  3. Ben gets us independent oversight and transparency. Ben, though backed by threeUFT caucuses and countless independents, is running his own campaign. He will not answer to Mulgrew or anyone else when making decisions in the pension office. He will only answer to you, the voter, which is one reason he commits to ending pension office opacity and making decisions transparent.  

Ballots will be sent digitally to our DOE emails on Wednesday, May 8. Make sure to check your accounts – and to vote for Ben Morgenroth.

Nick Bacon is a co-chairperson at New Action Caucus. He is also an elected member of the UFT executive board

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