Resolution on UFT Elections

(from the New Action leaflet distributed at the May 2013 UFT Delegate Assembly).
For a printable version click: Leaflet 2013 June

Resolution on UFT Elections

Only 18% of our in-service members voted this Spring. We should all be concerned. At the June 3, 2013 exec board meeting New Action introduced a resolution to form a committee to study this and make recommendations. It was amended, and passed, and is before you today:

WHEREAS, in the recently concluded UFT citywide election the total in-service vote dropped by a total vote of 11,434 which represents a decrease of 12% from the 2004 election; and

WHEREAS, the UFT made several efforts to increase membership involvement in the election, including Robo calls and emails to members for the first time, District Representatives working with CL’s to increase the vote; be it

RESOLVED, that the Election Committee conduct a study of the reasons affecting low voter participation and issue a report to the President, Executive Board and Delegate Assembly with recommendations.

… and an amendment

The original resolution called for a new committee with equal representation for the three caucuses that participated in the election. The amended resolution calls instead for the election committee to do the work, since that body already exists. But the election committee only has one member from New Action, and one from MORE. Issues of fairness and representation should lead us to amend the resolved to read:

Election Committee, expanded to include at least 2 members of each caucus, conduct….


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