Rally against budget cuts at City Hall; Rally at Bloomberg’s house against administrative abuse at Bronx Science

The news that Mayor Bloomberg has rescinded his layoffs is very welcome. His arbitrary pronouncement that teachers will forego a raise for the next two years is nothing more than maneuvering and playing to the media. UFT President Michael Mulgrew made it very clear, “There is no deal.” He welcomed the news about the layoffs but stated unequivocally that a contract must still be negotiated.

Meanwhile, the schools have already been told to make draconian cuts. The UFT, membership, and our allies in the communities and the labor movement are calling for your support at the June 16th rally at City Hall against these cuts.

We cannot be complacent. New Action is urging all of our supporters and all friends of education to make June 16 a massive turnout to protest these cuts.

We are also supporting the call of the teachers at Bronx High School of Science to stop the harassment of teachers and staff at that school. The announcement here makes it very clear why this is an important action to turn out for.

We urge you to attend both events.

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