on Wisconsin

New Action initiated a bipartisan resolution in support of our colleagues and all public workers in Wisconsin, and linking their struggle to our own. As soon as it is approved, we will publish it.

Without waiting for the resolution, we have proposed several specific steps for the UFT to consider taking:

  • Publicize what’s happening
  • Hold a press conference, and bring out lots of members to it
  • Request a voluntary $5 a member donation for a solidarity fund
  • Make a UFT $$$ contribution to our struggling colleagues
  • Set a “wear red for Wisconsin” day
  • Work with other NYC unions to build a demonstration in support for workers in Wisconsin


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    All the unions and factions must work together against this political attack against us.

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      MIchael Shulman

      Chaz- The eight New Action Executive Board members initiated the UFT resolution on Wisconsin. On Monday, March 7, we are putting forward a concrete proposal for actions vis a vis Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. We are disappointed that the UFT did not communicate with the membership about solidarity actions in NYC during Presidents’ week. There is nothing preventing all caucuses to work together on this issue–and many others. New Action is prepared to work with all.

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    Zulma Villalba

    Is it possible to send a UFT member to Wisconsin to support them in their struggle for justice?

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      MIchael Shulman

      Zulma- The UFT is considering buses to several states including Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. It’s unclear whether the UFT will send in-service members or retirees, given some of the distances. Will keep you updated.

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