New Action Statement in Support of UFT President Michael Mulgrew

On January 12 UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued a statement warning of the dangers of linking test scores to teacher evaluation.  New Action/UFT absolutely opposes linking student test scores to teacher evaluation and tenure determinations.

Mulgrew’s statement was in reaction to an interview and a speech given by AFT President and former UFT President Randi Weingarten. Weingarten has shown an unhealthy flexibility over the years to proposals for corporate-style “reform.”

Weingarten told Bob Herbert in the NY Times that she supports more frequent and more rigorous evaluations of teachers. She believes that standardized test scores should be an integral part of the evaluation process. “I will try to convince my members that, of course, we have to look at student test scores and student learning.”

New Action/UFT supports Michael Mulgrew’s statement.  “Her proposals would require a climate of collaboration and trust that simply does not exist here.” In fact, even with a less hostile DoE, these proposals are dangerous, and they are no more appropriate in other parts of the country.

Weingarten also stated, “We recognize, however, that too often due process can become a glacial process. We intend to change that.” Mulgrew points out “the DOE has repeatedly ignored the UFT’s substantive suggestions to speed up the discipline process.”  New Action agrees with Mulgrew that it is the DoE that has broken the system. We seek real justice for teachers who have been “temprorarily” reassigned, in some cases for years.

New Action will continue to work with President Mulgrew to continue to protect our rights and our contract.  Now is the time to end corporate-style, anti-teacher, anti-community “reform.” It hurts students, staff and parents. We should instead seek to improve our schools, protect teachers’ rights, reduce class size, improve funding, and assist our communities.

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