New Action on Factfinding – 2002

April 2002 

“Pattern Bargaining to be Rejected!”

It took years for New Action/UFT to convince the leadership that there was an ever-growing gap between what NYC and suburban educators earned. Eventually the concept of salary parity was accepted and became official policy of the UFT and the goal of this contract.

The UFT’s fact finding presentation:

*Proved that there was disparity

*Established the city’s ability to fund a parity raise

*Made “breaking” pattern bargaining an essential cornerstone in achieving parity

Unfortunately, the fact finders refused to rule against the city and break the settlement pattern.

It is clear that fact finding is not the route to achieving the contract the members need. Whether it is May 2002 or February 2003, the only way to break pattern bargaining is if the leadership and membership are prepared to use every weapon available.


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