New Action Flyer, March 2022

New Action/UFT

a caucus of the United Federation of Teachers

615 77th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11209

              March 2022


  1. Pay raises in line with surrounding districts
  2. Maximum salary should be reached in 10 years like many other unions
  3. Reduce class size in every division
  4. Reduce caseloads of counselors, school psychologists, and other titles
  5. No agreement to place new hires into HMOs 
  6. End Fair Student Funding/Return to Unit Costing to end discrimination/harassment of veteran teachers
  7. Fight the attacks on Chapter Leaders and chapter members
  8. Fight abusive principals and place abusers on a UFT Watch List/Send teams into these schools
  9. Reinstitute seniority transfers
  10. End ATR pool by placement in vacancies
  11. Work to end school segregation
  12. Work to increase staff diversity
  13. Restore the right to grieve letters in the file
  14. Allow members to challenge principal’s judgment on observation reports
  15. Remove the Danielson Framework and decouple test scores from evaluations. Reform the evaluation system to be teacher led.
  16. Set penalties for administrators who repeatedly violate class size provisions


The hollow “We do the work” claim of Unity’s propaganda machine belies the fact that they have stood idly by as our conditions deteriorated.

Where was Unity when the City and MLC attempted to foist a privatized Medicare “Dis”Advantage plan on retirees. Mulgrew LED the effort to put 250,000 municipal workers on this plan. And Unity minions tried to promote this privatization as a great benefit for UFT retirees. Thanks for all your work!

Where was Unity on the health care of in-service members. In the last contract Unity supported a 2-Tier system that places new members in HIP for the first year. This was and is a disgrace. In the next contract will the City and our union agree to put new members in an HMO for the duration of their probation to pay for the $600,000,000 the UFT and MLC promised to save the City? Thanks for all your work!

Where was Unity as our members were forced onto Tier 6. It’s an opportune time to press our elected friends that we’ve helped put in office to CALL FOR IMPROVEMENTS IN THE PENSION TIERS. We’ve done it before. But Unity hasn’t made any concrete moves to fight for this. Thanks for all your work!

Where was Unity all these many years in the fight to lower class size. Yes, there were improvements we won at the City Council level but when those expired there was no real fight. There have been NO REDUCTIONS IN OVER 50 YEARS. Instead, year after year the UFT has pitted salary increases against a reduction in class size. Thanks for all your work!

Where was Unity when teacher evaluations were tied to bogus test scores. Where was Unity when evaluations became a sham. Not so long ago their leaders were arguing that teachers wanted more observations.  Thanks for all your work!

Where was Unity when our Chapter Leaders and as well as our members came under attack by abusive principals. Unity dropped the once successful “Principals in Need of Improvement” (PINI) program. We have to ask why Unity leaders eliminated this program. Thanks for all your work!

New Action/UFT is a proud member of UNITED FOR CHANGE!            


New Action is the oldest opposition caucus in the United Federation of Teachers. Formed in the mid 1980’s, New Action has a 40- year record of accomplishments. Our history goes back as the main opposition to the Vietnam War and the struggle to pull our pension funds from companies doing business with the South African apartheid regime. New Action lead the fight for salary parity in the 1990’s. New Action led the fight against Mayor Bloomberg’s Stop and Frisk policy.

But early on we set our sights on addressing the improvement of working conditions and for a more democratic union. Up to the present day we have witnessed a continuing decline in the day to day life of UFT members. We can say, the situation has never been worse in our schools.


Michael (Brooklyn) (646) 286-3288/ Nick (Manhattan)  (860) 922-5833/ Joel (Queens) (917 647-6923/ Greg (SI) (718) 757-4552

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