Minutes UFT Executive Board of December 5, 2022

Thanks to Mike Shulman for preparing the minutes below. Nick Bacon was unable to attend and take his usual minutes due to illness.

President Mulgrew is not present—so no President’s report.

Staff Director Leroy Barr is not present—so no Staff Director’s report.

The session is chaired by Michael Sill.

Question Period:

Ed Calamia questions why Executive Board members and other UFT members are kept out of the meeting standing in the cold until the doors are opened at 6:00 pm. Up to this point, the doors were opened around 5:40.

Mike Sill replies it’s on him. He should have let security know to let folks in.

Several reports were made from districts. (a few captured here on Norm Scott’s blog).

Mike Sill thanks Alex Jallot and the signatories of the resolution on Discontinued Probationers from the high school division for agreeing to postpone their resolution until the December 12 Exec. Bd. meeting since key members, notably Janella Hines, VP for Academic High Schools were not present.

Special Order of Business:

Rashad Brown motivates the Resolution “Opposition to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Policy for Blood Donations from Members of the LGBTQIA + Community”. The resolution passes unanimously.

The meeting ends at 6:26pm with the announcement that the Delegate Assembly of December 14 is postponed until December 21.

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