Eliminate Abusive Administrators

Eliminate Abusive Administrators

Experience and research show that ONLY collaborative relationships in a school foster a healthy work environment, benefitting staff and students. Unfortunately many Leadership Academy principals hired by Bloomberg and Klein are not collaborative. They were hired to get rid of veteran teachers, U-rate staff members, deny tenure, harass chapter leaders and ignore the contract. This is unacceptable!

Chancellor Farina proclaimed that collaboration is one of the first orders of her administration. The word has not filtered down to principals. The number of incompetent principals in the system, according to Fariña, is over 300. Many are the same principals who are abusive of our members, other staff, or students. In an October 2014 leaflet, New Action highlighted two such principals. In late March New Action demonstrated against principal Namita Dwarka of William Bryant HS. But there are many more cases.

Campaigns against these abusers are needed. Can you imagine conditions so bad that your colleagues are too scared to complain? These are schools where the union should be going in, where the leadership should be addressing the problem principal directly with the Chancellor.

Tell our leaders, restore the PINI  (Principals in Need of Improvement), a campaign initiated by New Action and instituted by our union. We must stand by our beleaguered members.

And if you are in a school with an abuser: Contact your District Rep. Contact New Action. Read “A Primer on School Change” (UFT website). Read “14 Ways to Get Rid of an Abusive Administrator” (New Action website).

For years the UFT ran a Principals in Need of Improvement program
Unity abandoned this campaign last year


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