After the Elections

(from the New Action leaflet distributed at the November 2012 UFT Delegate Assembly).
For a printable version click: Leaflet 2012 November

Obama Wins

Three weeks ago the threat of an ultra-right victory was turned back. We knew what they had done in Wisconsin, Michigan, and other states, and we knew they would try to do the same nationally.

New Action is proud to have introduced the resolution calling for UFT support to Obama at October’s Delegate Assembly. The Retired Teachers Chapter merits special mention for its active work in Florida and other battleground states, and for the volunteers it sent to Ohio.

No “Grand Bargain”

Republicans, having just lost the presidential election, are trying an end run around the voters. The bargain to avoid the fiscal cliff includes cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Opposing this bargain should just be the starting point. We need a jobs bill; we need universal health care; we need to invest in infrastructure, and in public education.

New Action initiated this bipartisan resolution, and urges delegates to support it.

 Time to Talk

Obama has won reelection. And there will continue to be challenges. But now is the time to talk education policy. As we support Obama, where he needs our support, we should be reminding him of what we need, of what students, parents, and teachers need.

Race to the Top has had disastrous effect throughout the country – we knew it would – and needs to be ended.

And it is time, with the new term, to fire Arnie Duncan.

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