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Brief Reports from UFT Executive Boards

New Action Caucus has ten seats on the UFT Executive Board – the only ten seats that do not belong to Unity Caucus.

Ten is not enough to win anything – but it allows our voice to be heard, it allows us to put forward resolutions, and when there is agreement, to put forward resolutions the leadership signs onto. It allows us to offer amendments. It allows us to bring issues to the leadership.

At Exec after Exec, Unity members sit and listen. Some never speak. Most rarely speak. But New Action usually has questions, comments, resolutions, or amendments.

This year we will publish reports – sometimes on the entire Exec Board, sometimes just on New Action’s contribution.

MORE’s Hidden Secret

The MORE caucus and the bloggers who write for them want UFT members to believe they are a brand new caucus. The truth is MORE consists of several formations and groups that have a track record. One spokesperson/blogger recently alluded to the record of two of their members when they held seats on the UFT
Executive Board—James Eterno and Jeff Kaufman. This blogger noted the sterling record they had from July 2004 through June 2007.

It is worth looking at the role ICE played on that Board. Certainly we should know their record in order to judge what we can expect of MORE if they were elected again.

During those years they had a record of failure. In the spring of 2010 New Action stated that they (not just James or Jeff) “were an embarrassment and actually hurt the members.”

Today MORE makes claims about what they will do if elected. WHAT DID THEY (ICE) DO THEN? They claimed they would fight for “job rights for ATRs.” How many motions did they make at the UFT Executive Board from 2004-2007 to fight for ATRs? ZERO! What about their claim that they would fight for an end to school closings? How many motions did they make? ZERO!

They claimed they would fight to “Restore and strengthen the right to grieve unfair and inaccurate letters and observations.” How many motions? ZERO! The same for their claim to fight to “end harassment, “ reduce class size,” “win parity for paras and secretaries.” YOU guessed it. ZERO! ZERO! ZERO!

When given the chance to provide leadership, ICE did nothing!

We will repeat what we said in the spring of 2010: “Don’t waste your vote on an opposition” caucus that has produced nothing for the members except empty promises. Don’t waste your vote on a caucus that (STILL) refuses to acknowledge its own leadership failure. Don’t vote for a repeat of 2004-2007.”

They often seemed more concerned with delaying or disrupting proceedings than with promoting the interests of the members.

Don’t waste your vote on MORE which offers more empty rhetoric (and more history than they would care to discuss)

New Action at the UFT Exec Board 2011- 2012



Part II  2011 – 2012

 September 2011

New Action meets at Columbus HS to plan action against Principal John Chase who is charged with sexual harassment.
New Action wins support to publicize the struggle of Local 372 of District Council 37 members
New Action initiates resolution to Support President Obama’s Job Bill

October 2011

New Action exposes hiring of K -2 testing director at DOE
New Action introduces Dignity for All Teachers resolution which wins bipartisan support. Calls on Chapter Leaders to be proactive in defense of members’ rights.

November 2011

New Action presses the issue of Mandated Relief at November 21 UFT Executive Board meeting
New Action raises the fact that principals are hiding vacancies thereby keeping ATRs from filling positions

December 2011

New Action co-chairs, Jonathan Halabi and Michael Shulman, speak against the proposed UFT Constitutional changes

January 2012

New Action mobilizes for demonstration at Bronxdale HS in the Columbus Campus against abusive Principal John Chase.
At the Delegate Assembly, Mike Shulman opposes UFT Constitutional  changes. Calls for broader discussion of union democracy.
New Action calls for the restoration of lab specialist positions in every high school.  Asks to end policy of “giving away” or warehousing lab equipment.
New Action says we must end Mayoral control. Asks for strategy to end the fraudulent PEP panels.
New Action questions the Bloomberg policy of closing 33 new schools.
New Action Initiates A New York State United Teachers resolution in support of the New York State Dream Act. This could impact 300,000 youth to secure student loans grants and scholarships.

March 2012

New Action criticizes the DOE for breaking the “No Lay-off” agreement that ATRs must be placed in long term vacancies.
New Action introduces a resolution “Justice for Trayvon Martin” that condemns the murder of young Trayvon and calls for the prosecution of his killer.
New Action questions DOE policy of not placing ATRs in long time vacancies

April 2012

New Action initiates “End Mayoral Control of Education” petition.
June 1 the UFT announces they will reconvene committee to examine UFT position on mayoral control.
New Action introduces a resolution to oppose the Mayor’s NYPD policy of “Stop and Frisk.” This leads to UFT participation in massive NYC Demonstration.

May 2012

New Action is credited with bringing new DOE policy to “flag” names of UFT members who have been called in for disciplinary hearings. UFT files intent to sue
New Action’s call to make June 5 a “Day of Solidarity” for actions at schools is approved.

June 2012

Over 100 schools participate on June 5 for “Day of Solidarity.”

New Action at the UFT Exec Board – this year



 Part III – September 2012 – March 2013

September 2012

New Action wins bipartisan support in solidarity with Chicago teachers

New Action introduces resolution to support President Obama for reelection

New Action calls for reconsideration of NYSUT recommendation to stay neutral in the Grimm/Murphy race on Staten Island

October 2012

New Action asks the UFT to join NAACP suit on selective school entrance exams

November 2012

New Action introduces resolution to oppose any cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. Passes December DA

New Action questions why UFT space has been leased to King’s College

New Action calls for a list of worst principals who have issued U-ratings

New Action initiates bipartisan resolution in opposition to the “Grand  Compromise” proposed by Republicans

New Action introduces resolution to oppose any cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. Passes December DA.

January 2013

New Action introduces resolution on gun violence. Passes unanimously.

New Action calls for list of schools with the highest U-ratings.

New Action blasts DOE for failure to recruit and hire teachers of color.

New Action calls for action to protect S.I chapter leader sent to the rubber room.

February 2013

New Actions calls for support for Seattle teachers who refused to administer standardized tests.

New Action calls on UFT to poll members regarding Democratic mayoral candidates.

March 2013

New Action calls for rejection of governance proposals, and for their resubmission as part of a package calling for the end of mayoral control




September 2007    New Action challenges the “for profit” merger of GHI/HIP
September 2007    New Action speaks for resolution supporting Jena 6
September 2007    Conducts a New Action survey on problems unique to campus schools contacting 160+ chapter leaders. Brings issue to UFT Action Committee.
September 2007    New Action members continue to work on three bipartisan committees. Each one is co-chaired by a New Action leader (Action, Organizing, Social and Economic Justice).

October 2007    New Action introduces resolution to support “Bring Our Troops Home’ from Iraq rally. The resolution is approved by the UFT Executive Board and DA and becomes UFT policy.

November 2007    The UFT Executive Board passes a New Action resolution to investigate U-rating and Discontinuance appeals. This leads to changes, including DOE providing timely documentation.
November 2007    New Action gets UFT to demand a DOE moratorium on hiring new employees until all excessed members are placed.
November 2007    New Action introduces a plan to modify the behavior of abusive administrators or get rid of them. It is presented and accepted at UFT Action Committee.

December 2007    New Action co-endorsed a DA resolution establishing a Task Force on Civil and Human Rights following the shooting of Sean Bell.
December 2007    The campaign against abusive administrators begins. Weingarten highlights 10 principals to begin with at December DA.

February 2008    New Action calls for UFT reaffirmation regarding school closings. Demands a concurrence of federal, state, DOE accountability systems before any school is closed. Resolution is passed.

March 2008    New Action gets UFT to endorse “River to River” anti-war demonstration.

April 2008    New Action presents UFT Executive Board with resolution to curb using outside consulting firms. The issue was sparked by reports that British firm Cambridge Education was given a 9% increase. The resolution also demanded that the DOE open its books to see what other contracts could be eliminated.

May 2008    New Action successfully introduces resolution in defense of Colombian trade unionists. Opposes the US Free Trade Agreement with Colombia.

June 2008    New Action wins UFT endorsement for Barack Obama for President. Calls on UFT to present endorsement at AFT Convention.

July 2008    New Action opposes TRC Agreement between UFT and DOE.

October 2008    New Action offers concrete plans to support ATRs.
October 2008    New Action members (2) are appointed to Committee to investigate mayoral term limits. Committee calls for any change to go to popular referendum.
October 2008    New Action wins support for two fired Detroit teachers (Conn and Miller). Detroit local expresses appreciation for act of labor solidarity.
October 2008    New Action co-endorses UFT resolution to sign public letter against budget cuts (sponsored by Time Out for Testing, Center for Immigrant Families, Teachers Unite, Working Families Party, NYCoRE, etc.) Demands cuts be made first at Tweed.

November 2008    New Action introduces proposal to campaign against overturning term limits    defeated at UFT Executive Board.
November 2008    New Action supports UFT/DOE Agreement to encourage schools to hire ATRs.
November 2008    New Action introduces resolution to support HR 676 – Single Payer Health Plan    Defeated.

December 2008    New Action co-sponsors the resolution to establish a committee to promote an inclusive and diverse teaching force.
December 2008    New Action co-sponsors resolution to condemn US Senate Republicans shameless efforts to use auto crisis to attack American workers.

February 2009    New Action opposes UFT Governance Task Force recommending continuation of mayoral control.
February 2009    New Action co-sponsors resolution condemning offensive cartoon in NY Post.
February to  June 2009    New Action continues to press leadership on UFT Action Committee to expand abusive administrator campaign into hundreds of schools.

May 2009    New Action endorses Bill Thompson for Mayor.

June 2009    New Action places discussion of charter schools on UFT Executive Board agenda. Makes proposal to address charter school concerns.
June 2009    New Action wins unanimous support from UFT Executive Board and DA for a multi-partisan Negotiation Committee.

August 2009 to Current    New Action Executive Board members serve on UFT Negotiating Committee.

September 2009    New Action facilitates meeting with UFT leadership and visiting Iraqi trade unionists.

October 2009    New Action meets with UFT leadership to discuss several proposals including: expansion of abusive administrator campaign, exploring ways to deal with principal autonomy, improving union democracy, a campaign to “discontinue” Joel Klein, holding the line on tenure, iron– clad commitment to ATRs

November 2009    New Action meets with UFT leadership to discuss: the grievance machinery, problems facing probationary teachers, seniority transfers, Teacher Retention Centers (overwhelmingly teachers of color and senior teachers), the secret caseload for SBST teams – “turning 5’s”.

December 2009    New Action members present action proposals to UFT Action Committee, including Day of Solidarity

February 2010    New Action proposes taking the issue of the recruitment and placement of teachers of color to DOE
February 2010    New Action co-authors resolution opposing DOE’s plan for K–2 standardized testing.

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