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(from the New Action leaflet distributed at the June 2014 Delegate Assembly).
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Over 90,000 UFT members voted on the new contract proposal. 77% approved it. However, there are issues in the schools not addressed by the contract. And while the new de Blasio administration’s tone is a refreshing, we have not seen change filter down to the schools.

We should work with de Blasio and Fariña to address


  • End FSF – Stop Discriminating Against Experienced Educators
  • End Quotas and Arbitrary Rules for Extension of Probation
  • Fire the Lawyers – 200 is 200 too many


  • Repair our Grievance Machinery
  • Review Arbitrary Discontinuances
  • Modify the Behavior of 300+ Abusive and/or Incompetent Administrators

Teachers in Excess – are we mistaken?

At Monday, May 6, 2013 UFT Executive Board meeting, New Action co-chair Michael Shulman reported that we have received calls from teachers in excess (ATRs) that they have been receiving U ratings for classroom observations from administrators FOR CLASSES IN SUBJECT AREAS THAT THEY ARE NOT LICENSED! New Action asked how prevalent this was and what steps have taken to address this problem.

The chair, Secretary Michael Mendel, responded that the union is aware of this but that there was NO citywide problem.  In fact he stated, ATRs have not received U-ratings for the year. In other words, NO PROBLEM!

New Action has a question for ATRs – are these isolated instances or are the problems related to observations and U-ratings  more widespread?

We’d like to hear from you! Please email us if you have had a problem with classroom observations or other problems with administrators at the schools you have been assigned to.

Support Dignity for ATRs

from the October 2011 New Action leaflet for the UFT Delegate Assembly

New Action is proud to support this bipartisan resolution. As part of the no-layoff agreement, ATRs can be forced to move every week; let’s make sure they are greeted in their new chapters, and that all Chapter Leaders understand and look out for their rights.

 Does this resolve the mess the DoE has created? No. As long as the DoE has a system that creates teachers without positions, be it by “school closing as policy” or by discouraging principals from hiring experienced staff, we have a problem.

But today we send a message to Bloomberg and Walcott and those who would vilify ATRs: these are our colleagues; we stand together.

Dignity for All Teachers (Draft Resolution, for October, if necessary)

If June’s no layoffs agreement works as planned, many more ATRs may find regular appointments in the fall. But if in the fall the position and conditions of the ATRs are not improved, then New Action will introduce the following resolution at the October Delegate Assembly:

Dignity for All Teachers

(Draft Resolution for the October DA, if necessary)

Whereas each year for the last several years a significant number of our members have been assigned to the Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR); and

Whereas most teachers who are in the ATR arrived there as their schools were shut down; and

Whereas the teachers in the ATR have been subject to a campaign of media vilification, falsely claiming or implying that teachers in the ATR are less able or are bad teachers, and intentionally conflating them with teachers facing disciplinary proceedings; and

Whereas the teachers in the ATR have been targeted for layoff or termination several times over the last several years, including by the Department of Education during contract negotiations; the anti-union group Educators for Excellence in its seniority reform proposal this spring; and Mayor during his campaign to undo Civil Service law in Albany earlier this spring, thwarted each time by the United Federation of Teachers, and its leadership; and

Whereas teachers in the ATR often are made to feel like outsiders in the schools where they work; and

Whereas teachers in the ATR, in too many instances, are forced to perform inappropriate work in the schools where they work; and

Whereas teachers in the ATR, to the extent they are made to feel like outsiders or feel vulnerable to being moved, are often reluctant to seek appropriate relief; and

Whereas the new budget agreement allows teachers in the ATR to be moved from school to school multiple times each term; and

Whereas the UFT values the dignity of all our members;

Be it resolved the UFT will direct its chapters and Chapter Leaders to reach out to members of the ATR who are assigned to their schools, to welcome them, and to support them; and be it further resolved that

the UFT will educate Chapter Leaders about the rights of teachers in the ATR, and direct its chapters and Chapter Leaders to proactively protect those rights, and to intervene if those rights are being infringed upon by administration, as the ATR may be justifiably reluctant or fearful of speaking up; and be it further resolved that

the UFT will designate a representative or committee Centrally, or will designate a representative in each borough to handle ATR issues; and be it further resolved that

the New York Teacher will run an article on teachers in the ATR, including how teachers became part of the ATR; and be it further resolved that

the UFT has always and will always stand for the dignity of all teachers, including our most vulnerable: probationers, teachers under investigation, and teachers in the ATR.

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