New Action Statement on the Mayoral Election

New Action is proud of the fact that we endorsed William Thompson early in the mayoral race. We distributed thousands of leaflets for Thompson in the schools, leafleted at two Delegate Assemblies, and collected nearly 150 signatures for him from chapter leaders and delegates. Our work helped make this race closer than anyone predicted.

On numerous occasions we urged UFT leaders to endorse Bill Thompson – to no avail. Had the UFT and other labor allies backed Thompson the results might have been different. It was a mistake our members will suffer for. The electorate was clearly disgusted with Bloomberg for overturning the term limit referendum and the obscene spending to buy votes.

Congratulations to Bill Thompson for his efforts on behalf of New Yorkers. Unfortunately we already see signs that Bloomberg is ignoring the results and acting like he won a landslide victory. Business as usual will continue. Bloomberg and Klein will continue to polarize our schools, alienate parents, Intensify their plans to close schools and create more charters, and attempt to tie tenure to test results.  BUT THEIR ULTIMATE GOAL IS TO DESTROY THE UFT.

New Action will use whatever its resources to prevent these calamities from happening.