June 2009


  • Begin a campaign to regain items lost in the 2005 contract  – New Action opposed that contract
  • Establish a realistic Action Plan to end administrative harassment and intimidation of teachers
  • Establish a plan to deal with hundreds of abusive administrators, especially by principals coming out of the “Leadership Academy”
  • Set up a city-wide program to effectively deal with disruptive students who prevent learning in our classrooms
  • Reestablish seniority rights for educators excessed in the breakup of large schools
  • Fight the ever-increasing trend to privatize school services, turn our schools into charter schools,  and nullify our contract
  • Work to build strong chapters and activate the membership
  • Safeguard all health and pension benefits currently enjoyed by our members
  • Lower class size in all divisions
  • Safeguard the most vulnerable members of our union-probationaries, who have virtually no protection

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