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Some Urgent issues for today – Teacher Evaluation

(from an updated version of the New Action leaflet distributed at the September 2014 Chapter Leaders’ Meeting).
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New Action has opposed the Teacher Evaluation System since its inception.

Rating teachers based on the Danielson model look like the “checklist” we used to decry. Tying evaluation to student test scores is inherently arbitrary and unfair.

Yet this is the system in place. What should we do?

The union worked with Fariña to creating additional observation options. The new contract reduced the number of items we are rated on. These are positive changes.

But we need more. State law linking ratings to student test scores should be amended. “Developing” ratings have consequences – including getting passed over for transfers. We need the right to appeal D’s. And we need a process for questioning the principal’s judgment BEFORE the final rating.


Press Conference Held to Highlight Unjust Discontinuances

New Action /UFT held a press conference on Sept. 2 , the first day of school , to highlight the unjust firing in recent years of probationary teachers in schools with abusive administrators. Teachers spoke of their situations and letters were left at the security desk to be delivered to Chancellor Farina . More than 25 UFT members were present consisting of both active and retired members. Chancellor Farina has yet to respond to these letters. A resolution was brought by New Action UFT at the UFT Executive Board on Sept. 22 calling for the UFT to meet with Chancellor Farina and restore these teachers eligibility to work. Any Probationary teacher who was fired unjustly should contact Gregory  Di Stefano at 718 757 4552 to participate in further actions.

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