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Bronx HS teachers: Does your principal support you?

The Learning Environment Surveys create another source of questionable data. However, many teachers do respond to direct questions about their principals. What follows are the results from almost every Bronx high school.

Question: “To what extent do you feel supported by your principal?”
Answers: “To a great extent” (10 pts), “to some extent” (6.7 pts) “to a small extent” (3.3 pts) or “to no extent” (0 pts).
Score: based on average response. 
Percent: based on percent of answers “to a great extent” or “to some extent.”

The best:  Score of 9 or higher, or 95% or higher, or both:

School Principal Note Yes Score
The Cinema School Rex Bobbish Monroe Campus, growing 100% 10.0
Collegiate Institute for Math and Science Estelle Hans Columbus Campus 100% 9.9
Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom HS Nancy Mann 100% 9.8
Bronx Academy HS Gary Eisinger Transfer 100% 9.6
Crotona Academy HS Anthony Harris Transfer 100% 9.6
Bronx HS for Medical Science William Quintana Taft Campus 100% 9.6
HS of American Studies Alessandro Weiss specialized 96% 9.5
Validus Preparatory Academy Brady Smith 100% 9.4
Renaissance HS for Musical Theater and Tech Maria Herrera @ Lehman 89% 9.3
Bronx Expeditionary Learning HS D White Taft Campus 100% 9.2
East Bronx Academy of the Future Sarah Scrogin 6-12 97% 9.2
Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics Edward Tom 91% 9.2
Bronx Community HS Flora Greenaway Transfer 94% 9.0
HS for Teaching and the Professions Gary Prince Walton Campus 97% 9.0
Community School for Social Justice Sue-Ann Rosch 100% 9.0
Bronx Regional HS Colin Thomas Transfer 95% 8.8
HS for Contemporary Arts Francisco Sanchez Evander Campus 95% 8.8
Belmont Preparatory HS Stephen Gumbs Roosevelt Campus 96% 8.6
Bronx Career and College Preparatory HS Kizhaya Roberts growing 100% 8.1

The worst:  Score of 5 or lower, or 50% or lower, or both:

School for Community Research and Learning (SCRL) John Tornifolio Stevenson Campus 18% 2.7
John F Kennedy HS Lisa Luft JFK Campus 31% 3.1
Celia Cruz Bronx HS of Music Willie Rodriguez Walton Campus 30% 3.6
Monroe Academy for Business/Law (MABL) Charles Ogundimu Monroe Campus 32% 3.7
Jane Addams HS for Academic Careers Sharron Smalls CTE 36% 3.9
Bronx HS of Science Valerie Reidy specialized 40% 4.1
Gateway School for Environmental Research and Technology Clifford Siegel Stevenson Campus 47% 4.2
Samuel Gompers CTE HS Joyce Mills Kittrell CTE 44% 4.4
Performance Conservatory HS Eulynis Matthias Fridie 42% 4.4
Fordham Leadership Academy for Business and Technology Richard Bost Roosevelt Campus 33% 4.6
Eximius College Preparatory Academy Tammy Smith was 6-12, phasing out MS 52% 4.8
Theatre Arts Production Company School (TAPCO) Lynn Passarella 6-12 47% 4.8
Pan American International HS Bridgit Claire Bye Monroe Campus, growing 55% 5.0
Bronx Aerospace Barbara Kirkweg Evander Campus 45% 5.7

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