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Our latest: Health Care, post-Election, School Aides

We’ve posted our latest leaflet, from the November Delegate Assembly. Highlights:

On the UFT Resolution on Health Care:  We support this…  particularly… calling for a national demonstration in Washington, DC… [We] attempted to include a call for a single payer plan at the last UFT Executive Board.

On the Mayoral Election:  New Action is proud… we endorsed William Thompson… the only caucus in the UFT to do so! … Had the UFT and other labor allies backed Thompson the results might have been different. It was a mistake our members will suffer for.

On Support for School Aides:  Labor solidarity must be the order of the day.

Click for the full text of the leaflet.


The Executive Board of New Action/UFT, including its eight members currently serving on the United Federation of Teachers Executive Board have unanimously endorsed the candidacy  of William Thompson for Mayor of the City of New York.

Thompson the recipient of the UFT’s prestigious John Dewey Award (2008) has been a strong advocate for education and a friend of the educational community including students, parents and educators. He was a former president of the New York City Board of Education whose agenda of reform resulted in improved student achievement.

The New York Teacher quoted President Weingarten in April 2008 saying, “For as long as I’ve known him, Bill Thompson has been a fierce advocate for public education. He has often stood alongside us to demand improvements in the schools, promoting such things as increased safety, more accurate reporting of incidents by principals, expansion of CTE programs, better funding for public schools and, most important, greater participation by the public in decisions that affect the school system.”

The same article pointed out that Thompson “is a lifelong resident of Brooklyn…is the son of a judge and a public school teacher, and is a product of the New York City public school system.

New Action/UFT is supporting the Educators for Thompson campaign and urges all members to sign up as supporters, as well. We applaud those chapters who have passed motions to endorse him, encourage everyone sign petitions of support and join the growing list of endorsers. For more information contact: Educators for Thompson or New Action/UFT.

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