Three Resolutions

(from the New Action leaflet distributed at the September 2013 Citywide Chapter Leaders Meeting).
For a printable version click: NA/UFT DA Leaflet October 2013

Lesson Plan Resolution

New Action Executive Board member, Bill Goldman, Chapter Leader of Tottenville HS, presented the resolution on lesson plan format on September 23, 2013. New Action wrote the initial draft, which was shaped into a bipartisan resolution. There is already a Union Initiated (UI) grievance. Our union must use all means available to ensure that the new teacher does not eviscerate our hard fought for contractual rights. We urge all chapter leaders and delegates to communicate with the members in their chapters reminding them of their rights regarding lesson plans.

Tests make kids sick

Tonight we have a resolution calling on the PEP to end the overemphasis on standardized testing. This resolution could go further, but nonetheless deserves support.

New Action leader Maria Ramos rose to amend this at the September 23 Executive Board:

“the current intensity of the standardized test taking and test prep affects children emotionally and physically leading to anxiety, frustration, low self-esteem, headaches and other physical ailments.”

Hear hear! The amendment was unanimously adopted.

Moratorium on Consequences for High Stakes Tests

No one opposes standards. But there is a vast chasm between standards and the mania for standardized testing, especially when such dire consequences are attached to the results. Standardized tests are being used to grade schools, close schools, destroy the morale of the school community and now to evaluate teachers.

New Action sharply disagrees with the UFT leadership regarding the Common Core, the new Teacher Evaluation system (or even the need for one), and the potential abuse by administrators in issuing “ineffectives” to teachers. But we wholeheartedly agree with the call to put a moratorium on consequences for high stakes standardized tests.


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