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Manhattan HS Teachers: Does your principal collaborate with you?

The Learning Environment Surveys create another source of questionable data. However, many teachers do respond to direct questions about their principals. What follows are the results from almost every Manhattan high school.

Question: “School leaders invite teachers to play a meaningful role in setting goals and making important decisions for the school”
Answers: “Strongly Agree” (10 pts), “Agree” (6.7 pts) “Disagree” (3.3 pts) or “Strongly Disagree” (0 pts).
Score: based on average response.
Percent: based on percent of answers “to a great extent” or “to some extent.”

The best: Score of 9 or higher, or 95% or higher, or both:

School Principal Note Yes Score
Urban Academy Laboratory HS Herb Mack transfer 100% 10.0
Vanguard HS Louis Delgado Julia Richman Ed Campus 100% 9.9
Columbia Secondary School Gary Biester 6 to 12 100% 9.8
Lower Manhattan Arts Academy John Wenk Seward Park Campus 100% 9.7
Forsyth Satellite Academy Ingrid Roberts Haynes transfer 100% 9.7
Hudson HS of Learning Techologies Nancy Amling 100% 9.7
Essex Street Academy Erin Carstensen 100% 9.6
Coalition School for Social Change Sheldon Young 100% 9.6
Harlem Village Academy Leadership Charter School Sam Fragomeni 6 to 12 Charter School 100% 9.5
James Baldwin School: A School for Expedition Elijah Hawkes transfer, HS for Humanities Ed Campus 100% 9.4
HS M560-City as School Alan Cheng transfer 100% 9.4
Satellite Academy HS Steven Zbaida transfer 100% 9.4
The Global Learning Collaborative Jennifer Zinn 100% 9.4
Facing History School Gillian Smith Park West Campus 100% 9.3
Harlem Village Academy Charter School Laurie Warner/Ray Ankrum 6 to 12 Charter School 97% 9.3
Institute for Collaborative Education John Pettinato 6 to 12 100% 9.2
Urban Assembly for Media Studies Cordelia Veve MLK Campus 96% 9.1
Professinal Performing Arts HS Keith Ryan 6 to 12 100% 9.0
Young Women’s Leadership School Althea Bradshaw-Tyson 6 to 12 92% 9.0
City College Academy of the Arts Bernadette Drysdale 6 to 12 100% 8.9
Manhattan International HS Alan Krull Julia Richman Ed Campus 95% 8.9
New Design HS Scott Conti Seward Park Campus 100% 8.8
HS of Hospitality Management Matthew Corallo Park West Campus 96% 8.8
Cascades HS Paul Rotondo transfer 100% 8.3
Landmark HS Trevor Naidoo 96% 7.7

The worst: Score of 5 or lower, or 50% or lower, or both:

School Principal Note Yes Score
NYC Museum School Darlene Miller 18% 2.4
Independence HS Ron Smolkin transfer 31% 3.3
Liberty HS for Newcomers Melodee Khristan transfer 36% 3.7
HS of Arts and Technology Anne Geiger MLK Campus 38% 3.8
New Heights Academy Charter School Lisa Hackett/Kaye Houlihan 6 to 12 Charter School 37% 4.2
Harvey Milk HS Alan Nolan transfer 38% 4.2
A. Philip Randolph HS Henry Rubio Campus, 9-10 41% 4.3
The Opportunity Charter School Marya Baker 6 to 12 Charter School 44% 4.4
Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics Jose David Jimenez 44% 4.4
Mott Hall HS Altagracia Villalona 45% 4.5
Urban Assembly School for the Performing Arts Fia Davis 52% 4.6
HS for Dual Language and Asian Studies Li Yan Seward Park Campus 41% 4.7
Frederick Douglass Academy Gregory Hodge 6 to 12 45% 4.7
Manhattan Theatre Lab HS Evelyn Collins MLK Campus 50% 4.7
Academy of Environmentasl Sci Irma Garceau 47% 4.9
Baruch College Campus HS Alicia Perez-Katz 47% 5.1

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