UFT suit against school closings successful

The UFT suit blocking Chancellor Klein’s 19 school closings next year received a favorable decision today. The judge ruled that the PEP votes were null and void, and that the DoE could not close Jamaica, Columbus, Robeson, Norman Thomas, New Day, Metropolitan, SCRL, MABL, Beach Channel, Maxwell, and 9 other schools.

Teachers have reason to applaud the decision. It is a victory for the teachers and students in those schools. It is a victory for the thousands who attended CEC meetings, PEP meetings, and rallies and demonstrations. It is a victory for the neighborhoods. It is a victory for all of us.

But it is only a first step. The DoE may appeal, or may try again next year. Our suit won because Klein violated his own procedures. Next year may be tougher.

Let’s savor the victory over this break, but let’s return ready to think about how to continue the struggle into next year.

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