September 2007    New Action challenges the “for profit” merger of GHI/HIP
September 2007    New Action speaks for resolution supporting Jena 6
September 2007    Conducts a New Action survey on problems unique to campus schools contacting 160+ chapter leaders. Brings issue to UFT Action Committee.
September 2007    New Action members continue to work on three bipartisan committees. Each one is co-chaired by a New Action leader (Action, Organizing, Social and Economic Justice).

October 2007    New Action introduces resolution to support “Bring Our Troops Home’ from Iraq rally. The resolution is approved by the UFT Executive Board and DA and becomes UFT policy.

November 2007    The UFT Executive Board passes a New Action resolution to investigate U-rating and Discontinuance appeals. This leads to changes, including DOE providing timely documentation.
November 2007    New Action gets UFT to demand a DOE moratorium on hiring new employees until all excessed members are placed.
November 2007    New Action introduces a plan to modify the behavior of abusive administrators or get rid of them. It is presented and accepted at UFT Action Committee.

December 2007    New Action co-endorsed a DA resolution establishing a Task Force on Civil and Human Rights following the shooting of Sean Bell.
December 2007    The campaign against abusive administrators begins. Weingarten highlights 10 principals to begin with at December DA.

February 2008    New Action calls for UFT reaffirmation regarding school closings. Demands a concurrence of federal, state, DOE accountability systems before any school is closed. Resolution is passed.

March 2008    New Action gets UFT to endorse “River to River” anti-war demonstration.

April 2008    New Action presents UFT Executive Board with resolution to curb using outside consulting firms. The issue was sparked by reports that British firm Cambridge Education was given a 9% increase. The resolution also demanded that the DOE open its books to see what other contracts could be eliminated.

May 2008    New Action successfully introduces resolution in defense of Colombian trade unionists. Opposes the US Free Trade Agreement with Colombia.

June 2008    New Action wins UFT endorsement for Barack Obama for President. Calls on UFT to present endorsement at AFT Convention.

July 2008    New Action opposes TRC Agreement between UFT and DOE.

October 2008    New Action offers concrete plans to support ATRs.
October 2008    New Action members (2) are appointed to Committee to investigate mayoral term limits. Committee calls for any change to go to popular referendum.
October 2008    New Action wins support for two fired Detroit teachers (Conn and Miller). Detroit local expresses appreciation for act of labor solidarity.
October 2008    New Action co-endorses UFT resolution to sign public letter against budget cuts (sponsored by Time Out for Testing, Center for Immigrant Families, Teachers Unite, Working Families Party, NYCoRE, etc.) Demands cuts be made first at Tweed.

November 2008    New Action introduces proposal to campaign against overturning term limits    defeated at UFT Executive Board.
November 2008    New Action supports UFT/DOE Agreement to encourage schools to hire ATRs.
November 2008    New Action introduces resolution to support HR 676 – Single Payer Health Plan    Defeated.

December 2008    New Action co-sponsors the resolution to establish a committee to promote an inclusive and diverse teaching force.
December 2008    New Action co-sponsors resolution to condemn US Senate Republicans shameless efforts to use auto crisis to attack American workers.

February 2009    New Action opposes UFT Governance Task Force recommending continuation of mayoral control.
February 2009    New Action co-sponsors resolution condemning offensive cartoon in NY Post.
February to  June 2009    New Action continues to press leadership on UFT Action Committee to expand abusive administrator campaign into hundreds of schools.

May 2009    New Action endorses Bill Thompson for Mayor.

June 2009    New Action places discussion of charter schools on UFT Executive Board agenda. Makes proposal to address charter school concerns.
June 2009    New Action wins unanimous support from UFT Executive Board and DA for a multi-partisan Negotiation Committee.

August 2009 to Current    New Action Executive Board members serve on UFT Negotiating Committee.

September 2009    New Action facilitates meeting with UFT leadership and visiting Iraqi trade unionists.

October 2009    New Action meets with UFT leadership to discuss several proposals including: expansion of abusive administrator campaign, exploring ways to deal with principal autonomy, improving union democracy, a campaign to “discontinue” Joel Klein, holding the line on tenure, iron– clad commitment to ATRs

November 2009    New Action meets with UFT leadership to discuss: the grievance machinery, problems facing probationary teachers, seniority transfers, Teacher Retention Centers (overwhelmingly teachers of color and senior teachers), the secret caseload for SBST teams – “turning 5’s”.

December 2009    New Action members present action proposals to UFT Action Committee, including Day of Solidarity

February 2010    New Action proposes taking the issue of the recruitment and placement of teachers of color to DOE
February 2010    New Action co-authors resolution opposing DOE’s plan for K–2 standardized testing.



  1. 1 Victor March 15, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    Very impressive list of responses to issues so important to our UFT members and to society as a whole. Notwithstanding your efforts directly related to education, I’m very impressed with your support for issues like the “Bring Our Troops Home from Iraq” rally, your opposition to the Free trade Agreement in Columbia, and Single Payer Health Care.

    People need to understand that our issues with the Mayor and Mr. Klein are part of the interconnected whole that make up this capitalist socio-economic formation of society. And that it is only through class struggle for social justice that we can empower, protect, and continually emancipate those who produce, distribute, and exchange the goods and services (like teaching) that make the world go round.

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