New Action/UFT Endorses Michael Mulgrew for President

We are proud to support a real teacher for UFT President. Michael Mulgrew worked for 9 years in the classroom. He understands that even as pay has improved, working conditions have deteriorated.

In his short tenure as UFT President he has:

  • Sued Joel Klein and the DOE over their failure to reduce class size
  • Fought the closing of 19 schools — a fight that New Action urged long ago
  • Refused to accept Mayor Bloomberg’s latest contract offer of 2% and 2%
  • Convinced NY State Legislators to keep the cap on charter schools. Michael argues that Charters do not take their fair share of students with special needs, aren’t as accountable as NYC public schools, and some executives and principals receive obscenely huge salaries. New Action opposes charter schools and privatization of education services.
  • Stood firm against Bloomberg and Klein’s demand to fire ATRs.
  • Stood firm in support of tenure and against evaluating educators using student test scores
  • Strengthened UFT alliances with parent and community advocacy groups

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