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Put them back!

Klein broke up neighborhood schools – It’s time to fix this!


Special Education

Special Ed for 12 years under Bloomberg was devastated. It was if he took a bulldozer to special education under the guise of reform. Children with special needs suffered the most.

Klein empowered principals and ignored children, emboldening incompetent principals. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, it is impermissible to recommend services based on the availability of the program or personnel, space, budget or administrative convenience. But that is what happened.

Under de Blasio and Fariña, it should be possible to reverse the damage done to thousands of children during the Bloomberg years of neglect. But there needs to be real, enforced controls on principals piling extra work on special education teachers and professionals without providing adequate time. And our students with special needs should be freed from Cuomo and Tisch’s cruel testing requirements.


Last week Chancellor Klein instructed principals to use student test scores for granting tenure to teachers.

This is another example of how the Mayor and Chancellor have declared war against the UFT. From the Mayor’s speech in Washington, DC last fall, attacking ATRs, against tenure, and tying teacher evaluation to student test scores to his recent threat to layoff 8,500 teachers all show his hostility to the union and union members. And now Joel Klein, once again, blatantly and arbitrarily violates all norms of  working in a collaborative manner with our union.

New Action has been calling for a campaign to get rid of Chancellor Klein–isn’t it time to move full speed ahead with those plans?

Rally against Bloomberg/Klein March 5