Good Riddance Bloomberg – Good Riddance to Working without a Contract

(from the New Action leaflet distributed at the December 2013 Delegate Assembly).
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Good Riddance Bloomberg – Good Riddance to Working without a Contract

Members are rightfully disgusted with the NY Times editorial (12-2-13). The Times echoed Bloomberg’s call for a wage freeze for three years followed by two years of 1.25% each. The rest of the editorial covering seniority, ATRs, firing teachers, and “flexible schedules” was outrageous and right out of the corporate reformers’ playbook.

Money: UFT members are owed a 4%, 4% raise from 2009 to 2011, as the other unions already received (increases after 2011 still need to be negotiated with Mayor de Blasio.)

Retroactive Pay: Retro negotiations must cover all who worked during the years covered.

Givebacks:  Since no other union was asked for givebacks, that is the pattern. Period.


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  1. 1 Martin Kellerman December 19, 2013 at 12:04 am

    Sorry for just getting to this….yes, again the NYT has proven itself a real mouthpiece for the Klein/Rhee/Charter School/anti-union crowd….is there any mass media outlet that we can point to as pro-teacher/pro-teacher union? The drumbeat against retroactive pay started quite a while ago….there’s always money for drones, nuclear weaponry & foreign invasions, not for schools & teachers. I think it appropriate we keep in mind the priorities of the Federal government and therefore, its effect on local government.

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