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Post-Victory Demonstrations

(from the New Action leaflet distributed at the May 2013 UFT Delegate Assembly).
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Post-Victory Demonstrations

UFT and CTU election results in New York City and Chicago gave landslide victories to Michael Mulgrew and Karen Lewis. Mulgrew won with nearly 86% of the vote. Lewis won with 80%. The reelected Ms. Lewis called for three days of demonstrations against 54 closing schools. Those demonstrations have been all over the news, capturing our imaginations. Our own President called for support for a MLC demonstration demanding contracts for New York City public employees.

New Action/UFT has called for actions at the school level before the end of school. In fact, we have been calling for “Days of Solidarity” to be held at schools on an ongoing basis. The extremely low turnout in our own UFT election (18% of active members voted) proves to us that our membership must be mobilized, involved and this can only be accomplished by activating the base—our rank and file. While we call for all-out support for the June 12 rally, New Action calls for regular mobilizations at our 1,700 schools. Until that happens we will continue to witness increasing demoralization and increasing detachment from seeing our union as a relevant, invigorating, active force.


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