Teachers in Excess – are we mistaken?

At Monday, May 6, 2013 UFT Executive Board meeting, New Action co-chair Michael Shulman reported that we have received calls from teachers in excess (ATRs) that they have been receiving U ratings for classroom observations from administrators FOR CLASSES IN SUBJECT AREAS THAT THEY ARE NOT LICENSED! New Action asked how prevalent this was and what steps have taken to address this problem.

The chair, Secretary Michael Mendel, responded that the union is aware of this but that there was NO citywide problem.  In fact he stated, ATRs have not received U-ratings for the year. In other words, NO PROBLEM!

New Action has a question for ATRs – are these isolated instances or are the problems related to observations and U-ratings  more widespread?

We’d like to hear from you! Please email us if you have had a problem with classroom observations or other problems with administrators at the schools you have been assigned to.

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