Resolution on evaluations based entirely on test scores

The following resolution was introduced by New Action at the October 21, 2014 Executive Board. Jonathan Halabi motivated. LeRoy Barr rose and moved to table (remove from consideration without a vote), which the body did.

Resolution on evaluations based entirely on test scores

Whereas, New York State Education Law requires the use of State Measures (test scores), Local measures (often test scores), and Other Measures (including classroom observations), and

Whereas the input of the principal only occurs in Other Measures (including classroom observations), but

Whereas New York State Education Law provides that a teacher who is rated in the lowest category for Local Measures (often test scores) and State Measures (test scores) is automatically rated Ineffective overall, without Other Measures (including classroom observations) counting at all, and

Whereas, we believe that the principal’s evaluation of a teacher should be part of any rating process,

Therefore, be it RESOLVED the United Federation of Teachers make it a legislative priority to remove from NY State Law any provision that makes it possible to rate a teacher ineffective entirely on test scores, and be it further

Resolved the UFT will discuss this priority with the Mayor-Elect, in order that we might jointly lobby the New York State Legislature to effect this change.


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